KSI Amazon Prime Documentary: Release date and everything you need to know

If you’re a huge fan of YouTuber KSI and can’t wait to watch it more often, then here’s the good news revealing that KSI will soon be including its own documentary on Amazon Prime. Well, along with his return to the boxing ring. We are very soon to have him in his own documentary. But what can you expect to see in his documentary?

Read on to find out more about YouTube star KSI who is putting together a documentary on Amazon Prime.

Youtuber KSI comes with his own documentary

While we have the famous YouTube star KSI getting ready for a lot of things professionally. What is going to be really exciting for his fans is without a doubt his return to the boxing ring after a long time. Since he will soon be fighting his opponent this summer. However, his new announcement is for a totally different area.

His documentary that will be released on Amazon Prime is something that is very exciting to his fans. However, to go into detail about it, we know that BAFTA winner Louis Theroux is the one who is producing this documentary about KSI. That will shed light on the life of the YouTube star that people have not seen or known about until now.

YouTube star KSI’s documentary release date on Amazon Prime

In production with Louis Theroux, the KSI documentary will be released around November of this year. The announcement of this documentary was known last year. However, it would only be this year when it will be ready to be released on Amazon Prime in 240 countries.

Also, we’re going to have this documentary at least 90 minutes long. Meanwhile, we will have the production of it in the hands of American filmmaker and journalist Louis Theroux. However, the most interesting part of this documentary will be the life of the YouTuber. That the fans of his have been waiting to see for a long time.

What to expect from the documentary about KSI?

KSI is also a YouTube star with two YouTube channels and 39 million subscribers. He is a professional boxer too. Certainly, that diversity in his career made him have a life worthy of being covered up in a documentary.

KSI Amazon Prime Documentary
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However, though we don’t know if there will be any boxing life of his covered in the documentary or not. However, we hope to see something that everyone has not yet seen. Alongside which his personal life would be on display this time.

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