Kristen Welker is having a baby via surrogacy

nbc news Chief White House correspondent and Weekend TODAY co-host Kristen Welker is pregnant with her first child via surrogate. Welker battled infertility for two decades before finding her surrogate mother. Welker was already pregnant when she moderated the 2020 presidential debate and says thinking about her baby helped keep her calm during the high-stakes showdown.

“Well, my dear niece, I am writing this letter just a few weeks before your arrival and I understand that you cannot visualize how big the world is. It’s everything you’ve imagined and then some. I have dreamed of this day since the first time I found out I was pregnant. We can’t wait to see your sparkling eyes and give you a big hug!” She told her baby that she is in her womb.

Kristen Welker

“Your mom and I have been dreaming of your arrival. When I met your mother, I loved her instantly and we dreamed of you joining our family. When the two of us got married so many years ago, we couldn’t wait for you to come into the world! When you didn’t show up right away, we worried something was wrong. So we went to see some doctors who helped us understand what was going on. As you begin your journey, no matter what it looks like, we wish you the best. We hope that she will join us so that we can share our lessons with you.” Kristen Welker added as she exclaimed her emotions and joy.

Being a mother is one of the most overwhelming and joyful experiences. We congratulate the couple on having their first baby and wish their lives to be filled with joy and happiness.

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