Kim Kardashian told Pete Davidson to take off his double hat Video resurfaced online

Shortly after Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s breakup went public, the old video resurfaced. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, a very popular couple around the world, have apparently broken up. Before splitting, the famous couple had been dating for nine months. While some Kardashian fans are deflated by the news of her failure, others are busy determining the cause of the breakup. Fans are sure that Pete was furious with Kim after seeing a video that had previously surfaced during this investigation.

What’s in Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s TikTok video

A TikTok video has gone viral online amid news of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s breakup. Kim, 41, appears to be irritated in the video when Pete, 28, appears to make a fashion mistake. The former Saturday Night Live comedian and PDA enthusiast is shown in the video eager to touch his fiancée’s hands, but the design mogul was more concerned with fixing Pete’s fashion faux pas and getting him to remove his double hat.

What was the triggering conversation?

In case it works and we want to use this somewhere, Kim said. When she spoke the word “What?”, Pete looked surprised. Kim replied, “Only if I want to post something behind the scenes,” to which. The comedian was finally forced to choose only one hat “I am grateful. I am thankful for that. No, that’s fine,” Pete replied. An unidentified person then asked if he could hold one of the hats for the comedian. Pete was exhausted when he uttered, “I’m thankful, man. This helmet was a big deal.”

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The surfaced footage was recorded at the Ripley Museum.

When Kim donned the fancy $5 million Marilyn Monroe gown she ultimately chose to wear to the Met Gala in 2022, the resurfaced footage was shot at the Ripley Museum in Orlando. However, the comment area of ​​the video is where the actual conversation took place. Skim’s owner was criticized by Kardashian supporters for being pushy and preventing the comedian from being himself. One user commented: “In a nutshell, everything was awkward. She could have made it clearer. It’s not like they probably don’t have thousands of photos of each other.”

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