Kim Kardashian Is Seen ‘Mistreating’ a Cat in New Photo

In 2010, Kim Kardashian posted the photo on Twitter with the caption, “Picture from my shoot yesterday…pretty kitty!” Kim Kardashian has faced criticism for mistreating a cat after an old photo surfaced of her posing with a pet in an unfavorable light. The image has been described as “disturbing” by fans.

Kim Kardashian posted the photo on Twitter.

The image shows Kim, now 41, appearing to have been wearing a black tank top as she left the dressing room after her appearance on “Keeping Up With The Kim Kardashians.” She holds a black cat by her neck as she lets her long, formerly blonde hair fall over her shoulders. Captioning, “Picture from my photo shoot yesterday… adorable kitty,” Kim shared the image on Twitter. According to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, when picking up a kitten, one hand should be under the hind legs or underside and the other should be under the front/chest area. A kitten should never be grabbed by the back of the neck.

Kim Kardashian/Twitter

why does the cat look dejected

However, it seemed that Kim was carrying the cat in exactly that way. More than 100 Reddit users found it hard to believe their eyes when the image was posted on Sunday. Many of those who sympathized with the cat said he seemed “stressed” and “unhappy.” Someone exclaimed, “My God, that poor cat.” Another person said, “That’s not right.” Many people think it’s acceptable to pick up a cat this way, but it’s not. Even if it doesn’t make sense, it’s less harmful when a person is younger and has a lower BMI.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Imagine if he lost control, a third commented. Moms carry their kittens this way when they’re only a few ounces, not when they’re that big. Plus, they don’t dangle them five feet in the air! Kim is an idiot for this, someone yelled, while someone else called her “sinister.” That cat should have scratched his face. Another person said, “We all know this family’s history with pets,” alluding to the Kim Kardashians’ ongoing disputes with animal welfare activists over how they treat animals.

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