Kim Chae Won To Join Source Music Girls Group, HYBE, And Woollim

South Korean artist Kim Chae Won is back in the news. Fans are overjoyed to see the news that her favorite artist is joining HYBE Entertainment.

However, he is already a member of IZ*ONE. She will join the new girl group. Apart from her, Miyakawi Sakura will also be joining the same group under HYBE.

Some other IZ*ONE members will also be joining HYBE Entertainment. It was revealed that those members who were unable to debut with “Produce 48” will do so through HYBE Entertainment and the new Source lineup.

There are announcements that Kim has signed the contract with HYBE Entertainment. So we can expect other members to sign it too.

Kim Chae Won
Kim Chae Won To Join Source Music Girls Group, HYBE, And Woollim

Kim Chae Won And Miyakawi To Join New Girl Group

Star News announced on August 17, 2021 that Kim Chae Won has already signed a contract to join the New Girl Group under HYBE Entertainment.

It has also been announced that a New Source Music Girl’s Group will be formed where a former IZ*ONE member will rejoin the world of kpop. So, fans have been very excited about this news.

Also, talks continue with Miyakawi Sakura, but there have been some misunderstandings between HYBE and their Japanese counterparts. However, she has not signed the contract until now.

To a surprise to all of you, HYBE Labels has announced that another IZ*ONE member will also be joining this group which will be a five-member group. The identity of this member is being kept secret for now.

However, he has been approached and there is a chance that he will come. But she has said that she is more interested and focused on her career as an actress for now and not on music.

Also, there are chances that two members could be from Produce 48 or L*ONE. Since it is a group of five members, there is some possibility. Because Produce 48 also formed Woollim Girl Group in 2018.

HYBE Label comments on Girl Group

HYBE Entertainment is one of the most loved and appreciated entertainment record labels in the world. Even your most beloved BTS is also under HYBE Entertainment. It also manages BoyBand TXT.

Regarding the new girl group, HYBE commented when the news went viral. He asked fans to be patient as there is no confirmation. The process still continues. In HYBE’s words, she said, “I can’t help verify the information about our artists’ contracts. We ask for your understanding.”

However, it has become clear that Source Music will be forming a new girl group under the HYBE labels. But still, we will have to wait for the official announcement.

How excited are you about this? What artists do you want to see in this group? Tell us in the comments section below.

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