Kelly Price Update: She’s Safe, Says REP

According to a statement Friday, Grammy-nominated gospel singer “Kelly Price” went missing in Georgia. Shortly after she was out of the hospital where she had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

After a wellness check at his home last Saturday. Kelly Price, 48, was reported missing by the Criminal Justice Information Center, according to TMZ.

The authorities found no evidence of wrongdoing. And he talked to Kelly’s fiancé at the house. But she is already listed as “missing” at the point of the National Crime Information Center.

Kelly Price’s most recent Instagram post, which she posted on July 29, revealed that she has been battling COVID.

She captioned the post, “I am COVID positive.” I am obeying the doctor’s instructions. I have been in quarantine. I feel completely exhausted. I have a throbbing headache, but I’m not really in the hospital. I am grateful and hoping for a speedy recovery. GodIsAHealer”

Kelly was taken to the ICU about a week later, according to her relatives. Kelly’s family told TMZ that they kept in touch with her even though she was in the hospital. So they were “shocked” once she came out three weeks later because she was “not quite right again.”

Kelly’s parents told detectives that her boyfriend has been “stopping friends and family from entering his house.” Even though officials claim he was “cooperative” when they spoke with him.

Missing Kelly Price
Kelly Price Update: She's Safe, Says REP


Kelly’s fans and others on social media were shocked to learn of her disappearance. Many people are not happy that her situation is being investigated now, weeks after her disappearance.

“Why and how the hell is Kelly Price not talking?” one user asked. Kelly Price is missing, and we’re just now finding out about it?

“Kelly Price has actually been gone for a month???” said another.

“Mad because it’s been a month and we’re JUST learning about all of this!” one person tweeted. But #KellyPrice we love you and we just need you to be safe!”

Kelly Price: Sure

Family members informed TMZ. That the six-time Grammy nominee hadn’t been in contact since she came home from the hospital. After fighting the infection. Price’s boyfriend, according to the family, kept friends and family away from the couple’s home.

Meanwhile, Price’s representative, Monica Ewing, disputed that the singer is not missing. Ella telling TMZ that she is now safe and healing from COVID-19 at a secret destination. According to the post. Price’s legal representative contacted the Cobb County police to inform authorities that the artist is safe.

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