Karol G and Anuel AA separated: the marital status of the famous couple of singers

Karol G and Anuel’s breakup has always been a subject of controversy. They have always been in the headlines, even after they broke up. Fans were so in love with the couple that they want them to fix it up.

Karol and Anuel have made their important places in the music industry. Fans were delighted to see them together, but it was only in 2021 that they announced their separation. And the people felt discouraged. But why did they split up?

Why did Karol G and Anuel separate?

The news of their breakup was given by Anuel on his Instagram live. According to her statement, they broke up because they had different plans. However, they broke up on a good note and still share a nice bond.

According to Anuel’s statement, “The truth is that we are not together. The times people have seen us together is because we still love each other. We try to recover what was lost but we take different paths. May God bless her and may she continue achieving her dreams and goals.”

Anuel also criticized the people who were spreading rumors saying “There is no negativity between us. We have a great relationship.”

karol g
Karol G and Anuel AA separated: the marital status of the famous couple of singers

Karol G’s reaction

After Anuel’s announcement, Karol also went to Instagram and spoke openly about their breakup. In her statement, she said that not taking her relationship out on social media was just to protect her.

Recounting the same reason, he said “I love you Emmanuel, my gratitude to you, your family… is infinite.” Furthermore, he expressed his pleasure in receiving love when he needed it most. So, from his statements, one thing is clear: they were happy with each other and now too. Well, they’re not together, but they still respect and care about each other.

karol g and anuel need to get back together they are depressing me

— Swoleviticus (@jay_societyx94) August 22, 2021

glimpses of their relationship

Karol G and Anuel kept their relationship very secret and did not let social networks interfere with it. Her relationship started in 2018 and she kept it private until 2019 when they showed some glimpses of her pure bond on her music album. Secret.

Then, after the couple revealed the engagement news that blew up on social media. Fans became obsessed with photos and videos of her. Everyone liked the couple. But after staying together for three years, the two parted ways. But fans who always liked their bond and never thought of parting, can’t accept that they are no longer together. They still hope that Karol G and Anuel get together.

I think they share an incredible bond and as their fans we should support them in their decisions. What is best for them will find a way to reach them. Let’s give them their privacy and respect their decisions. What are your views? Tell us in the comments section below.

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