Kanye West Said Adidas Ruined ‘Yeezy Day’ By Copying His Slides And Making Their Own Versions Of The Yeezy Slide

In an Instagram direct message, Kanye West tore Adidas to shreds, claiming that virtually everything the massive fashion brand did in connection with Yeezy Day was done without his, West’s, approval. Adidas released new products as part of its partnership with the rapper on Tuesday, August 2 for the fourth annual Yeezy Day, however, it seems that the person who created the day is really furious.

The celebrity explained how Adidas first introduced the Yeezy Day concept in 2019 without consulting it in an Instagram direct message to Complex.

“Adidas invented the Yeezy Day notion without my consent and then brought back earlier versions without my approval,” the lengthy message read.

He said the company employed staff who had previously worked with him without obtaining his consent, and then chose product names and colors without consulting him.

Kanye West continued: “(Adidas) chose colors and gave them names without getting my permission. They also hired people who worked for me without getting my permission. They stole my color schemes without getting my permission. They stole my material styles and approaches without getting my permission. They took talent from the production side and sprinkled it through Adidas Originals without getting my permission.

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Adidas allegedly brought resurrected vintage looks without the musician’s consent

Even though they worked on a Balenciaga collab, the musical sensation said: “They completely delayed the production of the shoes that Demma and I made for Gap by trying to intimidate Gap even though my contract states that I can do casual shoes, what I was doing when I did fashion shows”.

Ye claimed that even though Adidas “copied my slides and made their own version of the Yeezy Slides,” the company’s general manager “lied” to him and said they didn’t have the capacity to produce any more Yeezy Slides.

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The tirade is the latest of his many attacks on the business. He criticized their “lack of respect” and once again singled out the company’s CEO, Kasper Rorstad, in June.

He wrote an open letter to the business mogul at the time in response to his furious Instagram outburst.

“To Kasper, I will no longer tolerate this blatant copying,” he wrote. To all sneaker lovers To all athletes, rappers and even store clerks Everyone who wants to express themselves but feels like they can’t because they risk losing their job or being labeled crazy should read this.

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