Kanye West gains 221k followers in 1 day after joining TikTok

After Kim Kardashian, it is her ex-husband and rapper Kanye West who has joined TikTok. Although it is obvious that TikTok cannot be resisted. However, Kanye took some time to be on the platform. But better late than never. He is finally on TikTok and his fans couldn’t be happier when he shared the first video of him on the app.

Read on to find out more about Kanye West joining TikTok.

Rapper Kanye West is finally on TikTok

Ever since TikTok came along, users have fallen in love with this app. Since it allows them to create amazing content and try new challenges and trends every day. Although previously only ordinary people loved to be on the app. Gradually, the app became popular among celebrities as well. Some music artists also started promoting their songs and albums on the app.

However, there were celebrities who joined the app like Kim Kardashian and more. This time, Kanye West joined TikTok. Which came as a surprise to many as he posted the first video of him on the popular app.

Kanye West’s TikTok video goes viral

Kanye West’s addition to TikTok came as a surprise to many. The first video of him on the app came on September 18. The rapper’s video was long, lasting close to 3 minutes, showing him sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

@ye ♬ original sound – Ye

The video featured Kanye listening to his old 2019 album “Jesus Is King.” With songs like Selah, Closed On Sunday and God Is playing, the rapper’s first video certainly became popular on TikTok. As he made his account on the app with the name “Ye”. Meanwhile, the video of him already has thousands of likes and views. While his followers have risen to more than 221k.

Fan reaction when Kanye West joined TikTok

Without a doubt, rapper Kanye West surprised everyone with his appearance on TikTok this month. As he posted the first video of him on the app. The rapper’s fans became happy and excited to have more and more content from him. In the meantime, aside from watching Kanye’s first video. Fans also commented on the video of him.

One of the users wrote that this is the TikTok of the year. While another user wrote that Ye’s season is coming up. One user even said that Kanye’s TikTok made their day. It certainly seems that fans of his are curious and happy at the same time to have him on the app.

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