Kang the Conqueror: Marvel Reveals the Heartbreaking Secrets of His Mask

Marvel has various villains and even severe villains. And now Kang the Conqueror could be another major MCU villain. But the most interesting feature is the mask of him. His unique mask has a surprisingly emotional meaning for the Avengers villain. Kang has been noted to be a fierce enemy of the Avengers for a long time. Obsessed with overcoming countless enemies of his over extended periods of time. Meanwhile, the megalomaniac can be shown in a thoughtful way, which is rare to portray. Also, his story is being a backstory that will be showcased soon. A current and new comic series, explains the origin behind it.

The one who gave you the marks or scars

Kang The Conqueror shows that when Kang started training his past self, he fell in love. A lovely young woman was the one who gave Kang the marks or scars. Eventually, his future self destroyed the link. After all, Kang made the decision that he would never love anyone, he promised himself. However, when he is busy with the activity in the jungle. From there Nathaniel moved on to a young woman named Adi, with whom he falls in love. After being rejected by an old man for protecting her life, Richards tells Kang that she fell in love with her. Kang the Conqueror continues to go to the village where Adi and the Ancient One live. He shoots him down and kills them. Nathaniel can only watch as his future self ends the life of his new love.

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Kang the Conqueror: Marvel Reveals the Heartbreaking Secrets of His Mask

Kang wears a purple square mask

Whereas, Kang the Conqueror has taken many forms across space and time. But every time he goes, he wears a purple square mask and has a mark on his face. Also, his main source of power came from Kang’s battle armor from the 40th century. It is concluded that the reason behind his mark on the mask is heartbreaking. As attached with the younger version of the villain and his deadly view on love.

It is reported that the marks on her mask were from her first love. That reminds her of her fallen love. And it’s a surprising twist of fate on an unimportant part of Kang’s ensemble. We can tell that she wears a mask because she revealed how she found his love and lost him for the first time. Among the tragic origins of Marvel villains, Nathaniel Richards changing the scars on a part of your future clothes is as sad as it sounds.

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