Justin Bieber returns to MTV and rocks the 2021 MTV VMAs stage after 6 years

Justin Bieber performed for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards since 2015. His performance was strong on Sunday night.

It was MTV’s 40th anniversary celebration. Madonna dressed in leather invited Bieber on stage. When the performance ended, Bieber performed with Kid Laroi. They first sang the hit song “Stay” and then “Ghost”. The audience loved the performance.

What happened during Bieber’s performance in 2015?

In 2015, Bieber got emotional while performing. When he sang “Where are you now?” What do you mean?” Bieber couldn’t control his tears. After his performance, Bieber spoke with all his heart about him to the audience. He said that life is nothing less than a battle. Bieber started again to cry.

justin bieber mtv awards 2015
Justin Bieber returns to MTV and rocks the 2021 MTV VMAs stage after 6 years

Also, after a few days, he explained what happened to him on The Tonight Show. Here, Jimmy Fallon accompanied him. Justin was overwhelmed and said, “I just didn’t expect them to support me the way they did…” He was stunned by the reaction he got from fans.

Also, Justin said, “I’ve worked so hard to become the man I want to be.” Bieber expressed that he always wanted to do this. For him, the moment became so special just because it was genuine. All of his hard work and struggle paid off for that moment.

Justin Bieber Awards at the VMAs 2021

Justin Bieber was nominated in several categories for the award, including Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Pop Song, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

For Best Direction, Bieber’s music album “Popstar” was in the nominations. This album also included DJ Khaled and Drake. For Best Collaboration, Justin’s song “Peaches” was in the queue. It was also there in the Best Pop and Best Editing categories. Whereas, his song “Holy” rocked in the Best Cinematography category.

justin bieber mtv awards
Justin Bieber returns to MTV and rocks the 2021 MTV VMAs stage after 6 years

In 2010, Justin Bieber won Best New Artist at the MTV VMAs. He has also won several awards previously. In 2010, Justin won the award for his song “Baby” and in 2011, for “U Smile.”

Additionally, during these unprecedented times of COVID-19, Justin was still at work. He won The Best Music Video from Home for his song “Stuck with You” in collaboration with Ariana Grande.

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