Justin Bieber apologizes for promoting Morgan Wallen video and past racist jokes

the sensational singer Justin Bieber apologized for promoting Morgan Wallen’s album. He also apologized for supporting “hurtful racist jokes” that he told when he was younger.

Justin shared in a series of his Instagram stories. He told his fans that he had no idea Wallen’s album Dangerous: The Double Album contained any racial slurs.

Beiber said, “I had no idea that the boy’s music I posted was recently met with racial commentary.” After this, he even deleted his post on that music album. Justin added: “As you know, I do not support or tolerate any type of racism or discrimination. I had no idea. I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended.”

Justin Bieber took responsibility for his words and actions even in the past. He said that when he was filmed when he was a teenager to tell racist jokes. This video was leaked in 2014.

Beiber said in other stories: “As a kid, I was incredibly ignorant and told some very hurtful racist jokes that were clearly not funny.” The singer added, “I hurt a lot of people, especially black people in my life, but I was lucky enough to be educated about the horrible origin of the N-Word. This brings back those painful memories, I will always take ownership of my ignorance and my past because I know I’m not that person.”

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber apologizes for promoting Morgan Wallen video and past racist jokes

In the following story, he said, “I know I’ve apologized for this before, but knowing that this is such a sensitive topic, I think it’s important to bring this up to educate people who can ignore the issue of racism and how.” hurtful it is.”

Beiber concludes this series in his final story stating, “I have so much more to learn and I am thankful for my black brothers and sisters for being patient with me as I have a long way to go.”

Morgan Wallen Video Album

For the first time, Morgan Wallen has made a public statement regarding her video album. Last month, she addressed her use of racial slurs in an interview on Good morning america.

Wallen said: “I was with some of my friends, and we just… We say dumb things together. And it was- in our minds, it’s playful. I don’t know, that sounds ignorant, but that’s where it really came from. And it’s wrong.

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