Jungkook’s “Army Letter” in BTS’s Proof Collector’s Edition Goes Viral

BTS’s Jungkook has become popular with his letter to ARMY in the BTS test that is winning everyone’s hearts. Well, BTS is without a doubt one of the most famous k-pop bands in the world. Which never fails to show love for each other, be it the ARMY or the band itself. But what is written in Jungkook’s letter to ARMY that is going viral?

Read on to find out more about Jungkook’s letter to the ARMY that is winning everyone’s hearts.

Jungkook’s letter to ARMY won everyone’s hearts

BTS over the years has won the hearts of many and has become very popular in the meantime. ARMY therefore never fails to show their love and support for the band. In fact, recently a letter from Jungkook has gone viral. Jungkook’s letter is sweet for ARMY and has left many in tears.

This letter from Jungkook was in the Proof collector’s edition of BTS. That he had written on it “The main character of my life is nobody else but me”. In his letter, he tried to make a connection to ARMY as a human and not as a popular K-pop star.

What was Jungkook’s letter about?

Jungkook’s popular letter to ARMY encouraged everyone to dream big no matter what anyone else thinks. He had written on it “let’s make this life of ours amazing for the sake of ourselves”. His entire letter had a sweet and encouraging message for everyone.

Jungkook in his letter had tried to focus on his own life and continue to be useful to others. Which definitely left a big impact on whoever read the letter. In fact, ARMY have been so happy to read this letter from the BTS member that it is going viral everywhere.

The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Fan reaction to Jungkook’s letter

While some of the BTS fans have been happy to read Jungkook’s letter. Some actually had tears in their eyes. How the letter to them sounded so touching and sweet to everyone. Meanwhile, Jungkook’s popularity is immense all over the world, which makes him a huge star.

Other than that, the letter has gone so viral that it has started a trend where videos are being made about the reaction of people who read Jungkook’s viral letter for the first time.

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