Judge Andrew Napolitano was fired by Fox News after allegations of sexual harassment

After several complaints of sexual harassment against Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News cut ties with him. There were also complaints from male staff.

Andrew Napolitano is a former Jersey High Court judge turned legal analyst. He is popularly known as a Fox News anchor. The news was announced by authorities Monday in response to a separate lawsuit. This comprised of Business Network host Larry Kudlow and associate producer John Fawcett.

Previously, accusations of making sexist and racist comments were made against Larry. While John accused Andrew of sexual harassment when he met him in an elevator. Here, Andrew stroked Fawcett’s arm and made some sexually suggestive comments.

According to Fawcett’s Complaint, he along with others had reported to Fox News’ human resources department several times, but “no action was taken against Judge Napolitano, Fox allowed him to appear on the air regularly.”

The official complaint filed against Andrew says he “has sexually harassed young male employees during his tenure at Fox News.”

Andrew Napolitano
Judge Andrew Napolitano was fired by Fox News after allegations of sexual harassment

To this Fox Network responded that they consulted both parties after learning of the complaints. He continued: “The Network and Judge Napolitano have since parted ways. We take all allegations of misconduct seriously, we are committed to providing a safe, transparent and collaborative work environment for all of our employees, and we take immediate, appropriate action.”

About Andres Napolitano

joined for the first time foxnews in 1998. He then served as Network Senior Judicial Analyst. His recent series are Fox and Friends, Tucker Carlson Tonight and Outnumbered. But he hasn’t made any on-air appearances for several months.

Other allegations

There are also accusations against Larry Kudlow. Fawcett’s complaint says Kudlow “has used ethnic slurs and made sexually inappropriate comments about women in front of multiple staff members.”

Continuing this, the complaint also talks about Kudlow’s executive producer, Stephanie Freeman, who used to discriminate against male staff.

However, Fox News has dismissed all claims against Kudlow and Freeman as baseless. He also calls these claims “desperate attempts at a sit-down play by trying the case in the court of public opinion.”

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