Joseph Quinn cries at Comic-Con 2022 after touching fan message

Joseph Quinn got emotional during London Film and Comic Con after a fan praised his Stranger Things character Eddie Munson.

Here is everything you need to know.

Why did Joseph Quinn get emotional at Comic-Con?

On July 10, 2022, Joseph Quinn attended the Showmasters Comic-Con, where a fan delivered a heartfelt message to the actor.

During the event, a member of the crowd praised Quinn instead of asking questions.

She said: ‘Mine isn’t really a question, it’s more an extension of gratitude.’

The woman then thanked the 28-year-old star for being ‘nice’ to her during a ‘meet and greet’ held the day before.

She mentioned: ‘A lot of us have heard about what happened yesterday, whether it’s true or not, about how you were treated. I really want to say, we are very grateful that you are sharing your time.’

The woman further admitted that fans relate to her Stranger Things character in different ways.

She continued: ‘I think we’ve all connected with Eddie for one reason or another. Whether we like his taste in music or he’s a stranger. I think all of us are part of Eddie.

Regardless, the speech left Quinn in tears as he was seen wiping tears from his eyes.

He jokingly replied, ‘Why did you do that?’

Users respond to Joseph Quinn’s cry

A video of Joseph Quinn getting emotional is taking over the social media platform.

Twitter user @hellfirelover shared the clip on the platform.

They described the post with the caption: “No, it makes me so happy that Joe Quinn knows how much we love him and also appreciate him for giving us Eddie like he deserves the world for real.”

Furthermore, following the clip, fans around the world were quick to send their love to the star. Additionally, they labeled the video “heartwarming” and something that should be “treasured.”

One fan wrote: ‘Joseph Quinn crying for all the love he has received. Please, this man deserves the world.

Another added: ‘That video of Joseph Quinn crying at Comic Con? I’m so sad rn.’

A different user tweeted: “OMG I just saw a video of Joseph Quinn from Comic Con and this person was talking and started crying it was so cute I’m crying.”

Quinn plays Eddie Munson in the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. His character leads the Hellfire Club and is also a member of the gang called Corroded Coffin.

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