Jon Stewart Reveals His New Show After Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart has been away from his daily TV responsibilities for 6 years. He needed a reset for himself in between his passing below the daily program before rejoining The problem with Jon Stewart how he actually became Forrest Gump, says Jon.

Jon Stewart’s life after The Daily Show:

He said he underwent a big reveal in the best of his ways. Initially, the public’s perception of the withdrawal of television programs after the success of the daily program it could be due to the decline in some other important aspects of life. Also, the experiences pulling from the opportunity you had earlier that success followed. It could be missing but it seems that he is enjoying the simple works; such as picking up his two sons from school, noting and commenting on his conversation from the backseat of the car on the way to school. He has two children Nathan 17, Maggie 15.

Things he missed but achieved later:

He mentions that his show The Problem with Jon Stewart has eight episodes in slate order, not like the Monday-Thursday routine. He thinks this is what they called balance.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart Reveals His New Show After Leaving 'The Daily Show'

Things that Jon wanted to achieve before, eventually, he is doing. They are like helping veterans and also firefighters. Jon has done standup which is also on his list.

He adds that he feels like a Forrest Gump when he left the show. Stewart also refers to the person who sees color for the first time in his life; denoting the simple life he is going through, like he doesn’t need to swipe card, go shopping. Jon likes everything that he is experiencing that is so simple, alive and in the present moment.

An exit time for him:

Jon says that he’s been on a break before, where he presumably took so many things to assess and rule out. Earlier in his career, he never thought about having an outlet and measuring things like “another show” or “getting things off his chest at frequent times”. Now when he came up with an idea like The problem with Jon Stewart

makes it think like diving deep into a problem, which now totally makes sense. He says “Oh that feels like an evolution”, he was motivated by the plan.

He added that his children and Tracey are enough for him. Jon jokes, why doesn’t he do two of the shows a day? Also, he takes his kids to drum lessons in his spare time, and it’s great for him.

The Trouble with John Stewart is set to air starting September 30.

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