John Hinckley Jr wannabe, Ronald Reagan’s killer apologizes to Jodie Foster

According to recent sources, John Hinckley Jr. will be on full parole in June. And Jodie Foster fans are worried. In a failed assassination attempt in 1981, she wounded former leader Ronald Reagen and three others.

Hinckley spent more than 3 decades at St. Elizabeths Center in Washington right after the trial, until moving to Williamsburg with her mother 5 years earlier. Although his lawyer describes his public release in June as a “significant occasion.” Other people on Twitter have a unique point of view.

What did John Hinckley do to Jodie Foster?

Seeing Jodie in the 1976 film The Taxi Driver. Where the actress plays a prostitute named Iris Steensma, John became infatuated with her.

Driven by the film, which depicts a plot to assassinate a presidential candidate. John assassinated Reagen, then President of the United States. Hoping to “amuse” Jodie, just like the perpetrator in the movie. According to the News, Hinckley emailed Jodie just before she shot Reagan. Among many others in front of the Washington

resource with a gun.

jodie foster
John Hinckley Jr wannabe, Ronald Reagan's killer apologizes to Jodie Foster

“Jodie, I beg you to kindly enter your mind and immediately give the opportunity with this important action to earn your love and respect.” A part of the alleged letter to the actress said.

Jodie’s reaction to her obsessed admirer

So when disturbing events occur, Jodie was in fact a brilliant Yale student. Jodie said something about the criminal who had taken a strange fancy to her during a media appearance immediately after her murder.
“I guess the letters are love letters,” Jodie comments in response to her letter. She also claims that she was “extremely shocked, quite terrified” after the incident.

Decades earlier, Jodie brought up the incident during an argument with Marc Maron. Saying it was a “strange period in my life” as she talked about John Hinckley.

The actress, however, will not allow the tragedy to affect her career. But with the help of her journalist mom, she “cleverly transcends everything.”

Fan concerns

Jodie’s fans are concerned for her well-being after learning of Hinckley’s expected release. Many people have questioned whether she is “okay” with the stalker being released from her. While she also advises him to take care of herself.

“I reread parts of John Hinckley’s letter. And even if I were Jodie Foster, I won’t like it when she references me in that too.” One person tweeted. I really had to assume that she is aware of the situation and I hope that she quietly finds a protection order.”

“No kidding,” said another. Please someone inform Jodie Foster of her unconditional discharge. Since, as you and I remember, she claimed that she tried to assassinate Reagan to dazzle her and gain recognition for her.

“God willing, this is really the end of the Hinckley story,” comments one. However, this man also terrified Jodie Foster.”

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