Johansson and Director Cate Shortland Share Some ‘Black Widow’ Insights About the Famous Post-Credits Scene

Cate Shortland was an open book during a Variety interview with her for directing Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. She was candid, funny, and emotional until she talked about the post-credits scene in Black Widow. She revealed a lot of the scenes and gave the audience spoilers, which made some of the things in the movie even more interesting.

He gave deep and interesting answers to the Zoom interview. Even though they were after the release of her movie, and she was fully aware that it would not be published, she said what she thought about the movie. “Black Widow” gets off to a gritty start with an explosive battle, and there’s plenty of life left in this second installment, giving us several unexpected twists and a few fitting touches in the ending. she added.


In the scene, Yelena appears at Natasha’s grave, eschewing her superhero name: she has a dog with her and it’s assumed she’s been living off the grid. The exquisite tombstone of Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) stands tall against a snowy hillside in Russia. It features a photo of the former spy, her birth year, and her epitaph “Daughter, Sister, Avenger,” referring to her relationship with her sister, Yelena.

black widow
Johansson and Director Cate Shortland Share Some 'Black Widow' Insights About the Famous Post-Credits Scene

Yelena whistles while standing at Natasha’s grave, the same pattern she used on her sister when they were kids. He was one that Natasha always responded to and comforted Yelena with. However, in this case, the audience waits for Natasha to respond. This makes the audience realize that the character is gone and she won’t be back anytime soon. Amidst all this, Yelena and Shortland tell each other that they too have heard the whistle, but it seems that it was just an illusion. With all this, it marks the end of the spoilers.

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