Jimmy Fallon reveals the dream guest he wants on ‘The Tonight Show’

The dream guest for Jimmy Fallon’ Tonight Show is in for a big surprise. In an interview with the 47-year-old late-night host on Wednesday, ET learned about the unexpected guest he hopes to have on the show in the future.

Fallon informed ET that they had contacted the Queen. “She’s free to do whatever she wants whenever she wants to appear on the show, including playing beer pong. We will visit her. We will comply with Your Majesty’s requests.”

The likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Demi Lovato are scheduled to guest host the chat show in the coming days, however, Queen Elizabeth may not be dropping by 30 Rock any time soon.

Jimmy Fallon and Megan Thee Stallion to Host The Tonight Show

Added Fallon, “We have some wonderful guest co-hosts who will be co-hosting The Tonight Show with me.” “I will be co-hosting The Tonight Show with Megan Thee Stallion. We’re getting ready for Demi Lovato. She will stay with us for three days. We are quite lucky.”

The seasoned TV personality claimed that because the position “is just fun,” her guest co-hosts have no reason to be anxious about it.

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon reveals the dream guest he wants on 'The Tonight Show'

He commented, “Our performance is very friendly, always entertaining, and just ridiculous and funny.” “On our show, everyone knows you have nothing to worry about. We have great authors, so you just have to come and be yourself so you can do sketches.”

Fallon’s children, Frances, 7, and Winnie, 9, whom he shares with his wife, Nancy Juvonen, will not play the role of guest co-hosts.

Fallon said that she loves her daughter on her show.

He mocked his daughters, who were frequently appearing on the late-night show amid the COVID-19 outbreak because “their heads started getting too huge.” “They started to be more well-known than me, so I replaced them on the show with children of actors who were better behaved than mine, real children. They tell me they love me, deliver their lines, and then walk out of the room like actors should.”

Before discussing her youngest daughter’s future career in the entertainment industry, Fallon said, “I love having my daughters on the show, but there came a point where they were just booing jokes they didn’t like and… smiling because they were laughing out loud.”

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon reveals the dream guest he wants on 'The Tonight Show'

Fallon is also anticipating the debut of Password.

Fallon is also eagerly awaiting the release of Password. He will appear on the reboot of the game show hosted by Keke Palmer, which will premiere on NBC on August 9.

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon reveals the dream guest he wants on 'The Tonight Show'

“This excites me a lot. It’s so much fun. Have fun doing this” she made this statement about the show, which will include Chelsea Handler and Jon Hamm as special guests. “It was the best concept. The concept was magnificent. I adored Betty White, the only one who played Password on our show. After giving her the thumbs up and making it on the show with her, we recently learned about the company that controls Password. We would love to bring it back, they declared. Let’s go.”

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