Jessica Simpson Drops First ‘Particles’ Music Video in 13 Years: Watch Now

Jessica Simpson is still working as a musician! The 41-year-old singer wowed fans Thursday by performing a version of Nothing But Thieves. “Particles” and releasing a music video for the song.

In the video shot by Justin Coloma, Simpson is shown wearing a black dress and sitting on a chair. Shouting the melancholy ballad into a microphone.

The stripped down version of the song, which includes piano and is more of a ballad than the original, is more of a ballad.

Simpson sings about addiction, pushing someone you love away, and wanting to be better for that person in front of stained glass windows and candlelight. After four years of recovery, the mother of three children appears on the cover.

What is this song about?

“Particles” is a song about overcoming addiction but still being willing to change for the sake of a loved one.

Jessica Simpson sings: “Baby tell me if I’m acting funny / And if I need to rearrange / My particles / I’ll do it for you / My particles / I’ll do it for you.”

On Instagram, Simpson opened up about her version of the song and the music video. Ella uploading a frame from the video and commenting, “For me, the whole concept of music curation is an honest reality. This music resurrected a shattered part of me.”

Simpson previewed potential new music on Instagram two days before the release of the single and music video. The artist captioned a shot of her “Particles” music video with the date “11.11,” which corresponds to Thursday.

Previous Simpsons songs

Simpson’s most recent music was recorded in February 2020 for the audiobook version of his memoir, Open Book, for which he recorded six songs. With the exception of Happy Christmas, which she released in 2010, Simpson hadn’t released new music in nearly a decade.

In an interview with ET ahead of the release of her memoir, Jessica Simpson said writing those six songs was cathartic for her as she battled alcoholism.

“It was the music that inspired me to clean up and write the book,” he continued. “Even though I was comfortable in my own home, I knew I needed to drink to numb the agony. I was about to experiment to write.”

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