Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married, fan reaction on the Internet

After getting engaged in April of this year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot on Saturday, July 16, in Clark County, Nevada. In her OnTheJLo newsletter, Lopez later verified the rumors of their covert wedding.

The actress, 52, shared photos of her and Affleck in Clark County, Nevada, the location of their wedding. Affleck and Lopez, popularly known as Bennifer, reportedly married in front of a select group of guests, which included their children from previous unions.

Lopez posted numerous images and videos of her wedding to Affleck in the OnTheJLo newsletter. From 2002 to 2004, when they first got engaged, the Gigli co-stars were a couple. The two then went their separate ways before reconciling in 2021.

What did Jennifer Lopez say about being married to Ben Affleck?

Through her newsletter OnTheJLo, López published a brief summary of the wedding ceremony. She referenced her relationship with Affleck and the roughly 20-year difference between them.

“We succeeded. Love is lovely. Love is nice. Turns out love is a patient thing. Twenty years of endurance.”

According to her newsletter, Lopez adopted Affleck’s last name and ended the post as Jennifer Lynn Affleck, her newly acquired last name.

Although their marriage was unexpectedly announced in the media, it was not a huge surprise given the stories of their engagement in April. Additionally, the couple hinted at this stage in their relationship last month when they revealed they had just purchased a sprawling mansion for nearly $60 million.

According to a TMZ report from early June, Jennifer Lopez’s car was seen at the estate with numerous moving trucks. The article went on to say that trucks were also moving outside Ben Affleck’s residence in Los Angeles. These stories at the time strongly implied that the couple would be moving in together, hinting at an impending wedding ceremony.

Internet’s response to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding

Numerous tweets wishing the couple luck flooded the internet as soon as news of their wedding spread. Others, meanwhile, made jokes about how they got married in just two decades.

One commentator commented that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finally tied the knot after just 20 years of dating.

My God, another person exclaimed, “I’m shaking right now.” They deserve the world, especially my queen JLo.

One person claimed that Jennifer Lopez’s children were told that they would be moving for the tenth time to start a joint family with her new husband, Ben Affleck.

Relationship throughout these years of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

After meeting on the set of the movie Gigli in 2002, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started dating. Lopez was reportedly asked to marry Affleck shortly after they started dating. Their wedding was postponed at the time (in 2003) because the couple was receiving too much media coverage.

However, the couple called off their engagement and broke up a few months after the postponement. Although the couple did not give an official explanation for their separation, numerous publications strongly surmised that one of the main reasons was the media attention.

After the actress separated from her ex-boyfriend, baseball player Alex Rodríguez, in April of last year, Jennifer López and Ben Affleck were again mentioned as a possible couple. They got engaged in April 2022 after dating for almost a year.

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