Jeannie Mai pregnant: TV host Jeannie and rapper Jeezy are expecting their first baby

Good news! Jeannie Mai Jenkins is going to be a mom! The co-host of “The Real” shows off her husband, rapper Jeezy, and her baby bump. They are expecting their first child together. This happy news came after a few months of miscarriage.

Jeannie Mai, 42, revealing for the first time on her show, “The Real”, with charm, that our Royal family is growing. She surprises the audience by saying that it is very difficult to keep secrets from them, we have a lot to reveal, including the secret that I am pregnant, while she stood in front to show her belly.

Jeannie Mai’s thought on having a baby:

She remembers that she has been promising on her show that she never wants children. However, all this changed after she married rapper Jay Wayne Jenkins.

As it goes on, it feels real to her and in the same home, she’s been through some indigestible things in her life. Now, she is confident and she fully knows what to do, what kind of woman she should be, yet, she said, she will never be a mom again.

She always thinks, her reasons are plenty and she never wants to say “no”, as love changes you, she cries.

Jeannie Mai talks about her pregnancy on Women’s Health, saying that she and Jeezy miscarried after their marriage on March 27. The duo started dating in the year 2018. After a year ago, they decided to start a family. In addition, they opted for in vitro fertilization.

Previous relationships of Jeannie May:

First of all, she married actor and producer Freddy Harteis in the year 2007. It lasted until the year 2018. She also revealed some uncomfortable details about the end of her marriage in the episode “The Real”. When talking about the divorce between Freddy and Jeannie, she says that she was married to a person who had more money than her. What hit her hard is that, when they wanted to separate, she wants to pay him the profits she had. This made her learn to take care of herself first. It’s a made up lie though, says Linsey Toole, “Freddy’s new partner”

Who is “Jeezy”?

Originally named Jay Wayne Jenkins, born on September 28, 1977. He is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and actor.

Since 2004, he signed with Def Jam Recordings and started out as a rapper. Jeezy’s major debut effort is Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101. This was followed by his other Billboard 200 No.2 debut; in the first week, it sold over 172,000 copies and was certified platinum. Since then, he is one of the most famous rappers in the United States. The net worth of him is $10 million.

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