Jay Park and Jessi dating rumors explained, is Jessi pregnant?

Despite the romance and pregnancy rumors about Jessi and Jay Park spreading on social media, nothing is actually happening between the two.

Social networks are usually the starting point for rumors, and it seems that this has happened again.

It’s no surprise that there are suspicions that Jessi and Jay may be secretly dating given their close relationship.

Fans react to rumours. jay park and jessi

Jay and Jessi have been co-workers for a while and have even shared each other’s posts on social media. Given their chemistry, it didn’t take long for accusations to spread online about them having a secret relationship.

Fans seemed convinced that Jessi might be pregnant after certain TikTok videos suggested it. So it seems that the rumors have advanced.

After a while, several fans even took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

If it means anything, one user said: “I always assumed they were very good friends or lovers.” Someone else said: “Jessi pregnant? Why was that predicted in a kpop astrology blog post earlier this month? Even now, I have no idea how I got to that part of Tumblr.

The rumors turned out to be false

Jessi is aware of these rumors because the singer has addressed them numerous times. In truth, Jessi had denounced the rumors that she and Jay were dating a few weeks earlier. She also made clear the fact that she is not pregnant.

Jessi pleaded with her fans to refrain from spreading such rumors during an Instagram Live. She also questioned her fans if they thought her belly got bigger because she wasn’t pregnant and she was fed up with the lies online.

Jessi continued to show off her toned physique and polled her followers to see if they were now convinced she wasn’t pregnant.

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