Jason Momoa Teases His Buddy Cop Movie, Talks ‘Amazing’ Collaboration With Dave Bautista

Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista were very energetic and happy working together. The two actors worked together on the sets of Apple’s SEE. Jason Momoa plays the character of Baba Voss, whose brother is Dave Bautista, Edo Voss. A post-apocalyptic drama series, showing a shattered Earth devoid of humanity. In the season premiere, the brothers are reunited when Baba (Momoa) returns to his childhood village. He returns to rescue his daughter, who was kidnapped by Edo (Bautista).

Aquaman star Jason Momoa said, while speaking to EW from the UK: “My character will definitely come in without trying to stir the pot, I’m definitely trying to be really sure, because [Edo] he has all the cards in hand, and he does, my daughter. I’m not trying to confront him; I’m trying to make you understand. But there’s a certain point where you just can’t fix it.”

The toxicity of the sibling relationship will be visible. Baba has killed his father and flew to Trivantes, 20 years ago. Because of this, Edo has only hated his brother since their childhood. According to interviews, Dave’s character is full of pain and sadness. Also, if Baba tries to tell his brother the truth, he never listens. Edo is just angry and furious, fueled by everything Baba has done to him.

Jason Momoa Teases His Buddy Cop Movie, Talks 'Amazing' Collaboration With Dave Bautista

In real life, Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista are like brothers. Dave recently tweeted about a new buddy cop movie with Jason. Momoa discussed the film on The Late Night Show With James Corden.

Jason confirms the movie and says that Dave is a great partner to work with. Hawaii is the destination of the shooting. Dave’s tweet was to inform Momoa of the movie and Momoa agreed to sign on. Jason Momoa also appreciated Dave Bautista’s wrestling skills and hand-to-hand combat in SEE. He said: “Think about doing a fight scene and not looking at the person you’re going to touch, that’s absolutely terrifying. When I hit someone in the face with something, I really have to be good. It has to be close, and besides, I can’t make eye contact with that place.” Dave and Bautista are big celebrities, but they are both loved by the audience because of their down-to-earth demeanor. Dave Bautista (52) was a former WWE wrestler. He left the company in 2012, after a heated argument with the WWE

Chief Vince McMahon.

SEE Season 2 will premiere on Apple TV+.

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