Jang Gyuri leaves fromis_9 and Pledis Entertainment

Fromis 9 Jang Gyuri has left the group and the agency, according to a statement released on July 28 by PLEDIS Entertainment. The company also revealed the girl group’s future endeavors.

PLEDIS began their statement by saying, “We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all the fans who have constantly shown their love and support for fromis 9. We would like to share information about fromis 9’s upcoming activities.”

The organization then revealed that fromis 9 would perform as an eight-member group starting in August and connect with their fans through upcoming promotions in Japan and other activities planned for the second half of the year.

What led to Jang Gyuri leaving the group and why?

Jang Gyuri chose to end his term with fromis 9, according to PLEDIS. As a result, his final promotional effort with the band will be the release of “from our Memento Box”, the group’s fifth EP.

The organization noted, “She will terminate her contract with us before July 31 to start a new path.

The eight members of fromis 9 (Lee Sae Rom, Roh Ji Sun, Song Ha Young, Lee Chae Young, Park Ji Won, Baek Ji Heon, Lee Na Gyung, and Lee Seo Yeon), according to the agency, signed a new exclusive. deal when they moved from Off the Record Entertainment to PLEDIS Entertainment in August 2021.

On the other hand, Jang Yuri has continued to fulfill the terms of his original contract with Off the Record, and PLEDIS has been in charge of things like fromis 9’s individual activities and fromis 9’s management.

“The artist and the company agreed after a thorough study and conversations about what would be the best course for everyone,” PLEDIS later stated. After that, they begged the public to continue giving love and support to Jang Gyuri and the other eight members of fromis 9 as they embarked on new professional journeys.

The label statement mentions that Fromis 9 will continue to receive the support of our label as they pursue their many efforts so that they can develop as artists.

Jang Gyuri made his debut at the age of nine in January 2018 after placing ninth on the reality competition “Idol School.” In 2019, he also made his acting debut in “Dating Class” and later appeared in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.

The last thing Jang Gyuri did as a member of fromis 9

Jang Gyuri participated in the girl group’s comeback last June with their fifth mini album “from our Memento Box” before departing from is 9 and PLEDIS Entertainment.

The “From our Memento Box” album includes the song “Stay This Way” as well as four additional new tracks. Fromis 9 set a new personal record for first week sales with this mini-album. The EP outsold the first week sales of “Midnight Guest” by selling 138,170 copies (which only sold 104,438 copies).

Jang Gyuri leaves fromis_9 and Pledis Entertainment

The girl group’s wins on various music shows with “Stay This Way,” which has received five music awards as of July 9, is another achievement of their most recent release. On MBC’s “Music Core,” where they competed against BTS’s “Yet to Come,” they recently triumphed and received 8,242 points.

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