Jack Sock Girlfriend: Love Life, Married Life, and Net Worth

Jack Sock is an American professional tennis player. Until now, he has won many awards like four ATP singles titles and 14 doubles titles. He had also won four Grand Slam titles. He has been ranked number 8 in the world in singles and a number two in intervals. His style of play is right-handed. He plays for the United States. As of September 4, 2021, his ranking is #162 in singles. He has played tournaments like the finals of the Olympic Games. As of July 19, 2021, he is ranked 112th in doubles. He played in competitions like David cup, Hopman cup. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, he won a gold medal in mixed doubles and a bronze medal in men’s trouble.

He started his tennis career with only days of schooling. She debuted her career in 2009. Her most successful tournament was the Sacramento Challenger. She suffered an injury at the Australian Olympics. The injury was forced on his thumb ligament, forcing him to struggle even for basic things. But even after that, he came back as a true sportsman. Aside from his professional life, his personal life is also still in the news.

Jack Sock Dating Life:-

It contains many names on its dating list. He has been in his first relationship in 2013 with Sloane Stephens but it ends soon. They broke up in 2016. Their relationship was very famous on social media. They usually put many photos on the Internet. A year after their breakup, he was seen with another girl named Michaela Burns. In 2017, they were seen publicly. There is no information on when they are found. Their relationship is confirmed after Jack’s victory where they both kiss. But soon they, too, parted ways. After that, news came about his third relationship. He was also a tennis player. Her name is Katie Boulter. This relationship that begins and ends was never presented in front of people.

jack sock and laura little
Jack Sock Girlfriend: Love Life, Married Life, and Net Worth

Jack’s married life

Jack Sock finally got married after so many relationships. He married Laura Little. He is a model by profession. They marry in December 2020 in South Carolina. Previously, they got engaged in New York City. Lauren is 24 years old when she got married. She also won Miss Northern California, the USA in 2019. She has also been a dancer for the past several years. So far, they are two and they have no children at the moment.

Jack net worth

In 2021, his net worth stood at $10 million. His entry price on the court is $10.5 million. His annual income is $1,00,000. Last year, his on-court reward money was $29,565. Jack Sock is also a brand ambassador for Body Armor sports health drink for many years. He earned a good amount of money through his tennis career and embarrassing marks.

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