Is Lil Nas X pregnant? Rumors Behind Her ‘Contractions’ Video on Twitter Explored

Lil Nas X announces that she is pregnant. She is giving herself a baby shower and had an amazing photo shoot on Wednesday.

Her photos of bragging about her “bulge” are going viral on social media. When she shared the photos of herself on social media, she wrote in the caption, “Just about to start my baby shower trying not to cry oh my gosh.”

However, she invited many guests but no one came to her baby shower. Although they sent their gifts to Lil Nas. Later, she thought “the baby is coming,” as she said in the video. He is very excited about his baby-“Montero”.

Last week, Lil Nas was busy because his music album was about to be released. He also gave an amazing performance at the VMAs on Sunday. Furthermore, he rocked the Met Gala carpet in his outstanding outfit and had an amazing debut.

Is Lil Nas X really pregnant?

Well Lil Nas is not pregnant! She has done the photo session to promote her new album “Montero”. This one, she pretended to have a baby bump. As she also believes that “Montero” is her baby. However, some people actually thought that she was pregnant.

When asked by the media, Nas said he was inspired by Megan There Stallion’s verse, Dola Sign Slime. When the rapper asked the stylist about him, he made fun of doing a pregnancy photo shoot. However, as he regards his album as his baby and posted photos on social media, they went viral.

Lil Nas talked about his “Contractions” on Twitter

Lil Nas shared a video of him on Twitter the one where he was on the bathroom floor holding his tummy. She wrote in the caption “Having contractions.”

In the video, when Lil said “baby’s coming,” fans assumed she might be talking about her new album on the way. And, Nas also confirmed it after a while. He announced that his album will be released.

fan reactions

Although we know that the baby shower and the photos of Nas saying that she is pregnant are part of her joke. But on the other hand, some fans believed the pictures of her and thought that she is pregnant!

One of the fans tweeted in confusion, “Wait, is Lil Nas X really pregnant?” While another fan tweeted: “Is Lil Nas X really pregnant? How legitimately? I’m just really curious, to please someone.”

Montero release date

Lil Nas X is ready to release his music album Montero, which he considers his baby. The music album will be released on September 17, 2021 through Columbia Records.

The album will also showcase their smash hits Industry Baby and Sun Goes Down. However, the rapper recently released the musical version of Montero. He said the cover is prepared taking inspiration from SpongeBob SquarePants and John Stephen’s Genesis 2.

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