Is Kelly Ripa vaccinated? While testing positive for covid

Kelly Ripa has tested positive for COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, I tested positive for covid-19 this weekend,” Live! with Kelly and Ryan co-host told his followers in an Instagram story on Monday.

“However, I am fully vaccinated and reinforced, and today’s show was pre-recorded last week,” she concluded. “I am taking all precautions and hope to be back to normal as soon as the regular quarantine period is over.”

Kelly Ripa was diagnosed with COVID-19 after her three children joined her for a special Mother’s Day edition of Live! with Kelly and Ryan on Friday, in which she tested her mother’s knowledge in a game called “Who Knows Mommy Best?”

Kelly Ripa

All about Kella Ripa’s family

Kelly Ripa has three children with her husband Mark Consuelos, whom she married on May 1, 1996, after meeting on the set of All My Children the year before. Earlier this month they celebrated her 26th wedding anniversary.

“I have been with the love of my life for 26 years!” Ripa captioned a snapshot of the two.

Ripa was asked about her middle name, favorite dish, what she wants for Mother’s Day (peace and quiet), and what irritates her most about her children.

Friends and followers reacted positively to the family photo in the comments section. David Muir wrote: “Very cute chickens.”

“Happy wedding anniversary! 26 years old. Consuelos, 51, shared an image of two penguins holding hands in her own tweet, along with the words “mate for life” on her shoulders

Kelly Ripa’s first Mother’s Day festivities

Ripa’s first Mother’s Day celebrations also included a toast to her Live! crew, which included more than a dozen working mothers with whom she has collaborated over the past 20 years. “We’re really the definition of family work,” Ripa said in an interview with PEOPLE about the group’s motherhood.

“Our victories are shared victories and our losses are shared losses,” he concluded. “We triumphed together, but we also made our way through the mud together. I treasure this particular group of women.”

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