Is Keanu Reeves on TikTok? Actor Deepfake viral video on social media

Keanu Reeves’ TikTok videos are gaining popularity among users as a guy used the deepfake technique to look like the parent actor. Well, it’s not surprising to see even celebrities falling in love with the popularity of TikTok. But not all celebrities are on the app using it. But did you know that recently Keanu Reeves’ TikTok account has been in the spotlight? So is the Matrix actor on TikTok now?

Read on for Keanu Reeves TikTok videos going viral on the deepfake app.

Keanu Reeves’ TikTok account goes viral on the internet

Ever since TikTok became popular among celebrities. We saw many of them enjoying the app. However, we also had some of the celebrity doppelgangers on TikTok that looked so real and looked just like the real thing.

Well, there is a user like “unreal Keanu” who is getting popular on the app. Unreal Keanu looks like the famous actor Keanu Reeves and the videos of him also have millions of views. In fact, users have been believing that he is just the real Keanu. However, there is a twist to this Keanu doppelganger despite him becoming popular on the app.

The truth behind the viral videos of Keanu Reeves on TikTok

Unreal user Keanu actually has fake software that makes his face look like Keanu Reeves. As a deepfake software, it has this technique to make anyone look like a celebrity while making videos or taking a photo.

Similarly, even the unreal Keanu has used the software to look like the actor from The Matrix. Meanwhile, other users have definitely seen a Keanu Reeves lookalike on TikTok, sometimes trending the app. While sometimes he does hilarious things to the amazement of users. Don’t miss out, the unreal Keanu has around 6.5 million followers on TikTok.

@unreal_keanu And… let’s dance again! Sorry guys I can’t stop #dance #neon #party ♬ original sound – Unreal Keanu Reeves

Is the real Keanu Reeves on TikTok?

Well, no doubt users with unreal Keanu were convinced that he is the real Keanu. One of the users made a comment saying that he looks more real than the real Keanu Reeves. Certainly some of them know it’s not him.

But is the Matrix actor really on TikTok? So Keanu Reeves isn’t actually on TikTok. However, he reportedly had it a few years ago. Although you can find various TikTok videos of him on the app that may look real.

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