Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Everything you need to know about her pregnancy rumor

The excitement of the royal family, as well as the people, is through the roof after learning that Kate Middleton is pregnant! She made a big announcement and her beaming face explained it all. Let’s see if Kate is really pregnant or something else!

Considering what Russell Myers, host of Pod Save the Queen, said; Kate was waiting for this moment to announce this good news to everyone. Initially, Myers did not reveal the news for obvious reasons. This gave rise to a lot of speculation about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

Kate Middleton with children
Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Everything you need to know about her pregnancy rumor

At first, let’s take a look at who Kate Middleton is.

Full namecatherine elizabeth middleton
date of birthJanuary 9, 1982
Wifeprince william
KidsGeorge, Charlotte and Louis
ProfessionDuchess of Cambridge
Net worth$50 million

reality check

But to everyone’s surprise, Kate Middleton is not pregnant! Yes, the big announcement or the good news was not about her fourth baby. This is the new project that Kate Middleton is working on. Her flagship project is the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood.

In the face of all the rumors, Russell Myers repented “for putting the cat among the pigeons” for the comment. On the other hand, Ann Gripper also commented that she believes that William and Kate no longer have children and will not have more.

Kate Middleton also reacted to the rumours, saying: “I have to say, first of all, all the listeners who made a lot of fun of the big announcement coming from Kensington Palace… I walked off the call.”

When Ben said, “She’s not pregnant again, is she?” At this, Kate Middleton was shocked and said, “Oh my gosh, that never even crossed my mind, I never thought some people would think I was a baby.”

Kate and Ben are blessed with three children and they don’t seem to want more unless it happens by accident. Otherwise, they live happily with their family.

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