Is John Cena alive or dead in 2022? The death hoax explained

The internet has once again received the hard-to-believe news that John Cena is dead. Well, before you start to believe it. We need a fact check on the report claiming the actor’s death. According to some reports available on the Internet, it says that John Cena died in a car accident. But is that really so?

Read on to learn more about the John Cena death rumors that are going viral on the internet.

Internet receives rumors about the death of John Cena

In recent months, social media has been flooded with so much fake news. Some of them were about celebrity death news. As we have heard from Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Tom Holland, Snoop Dogg and many more. The news of the death of these celebrities undoubtedly shook everyone. But luckily, they were all fake.

Recently, however, we have found another new rumor and it is about the actor and fighter John Cena. Rumors have been circulating on the internet that John has died in a car accident. What has left all his fans worried about him.

Is John Cena really dead in 2022?

Well, before you actually believe what you saw and read about John Cena’s death on the internet. It is totally false. John Cena is not dead and he is fine. He has been one more victim of the deception of death. The news of his death spread due to an old fake news about him.

John Cena
Bill Watters/Getty Images

Not only that, but some rumors even went so far as to say that the funeral will be held soon. However, one should not believe such fake news. As they spread faster than genuine information on the Internet.

How to deal with such death hoaxes or fake news?

Certainly, we receive genuine and false news on the Internet. However, it is our duty to verify the news, whether it comes from a legitimate and authentic source or not. In case you find them to be false or something misleading or even objectionable, feel free to report it immediately.

You get the option of reports everywhere on the internet, be it on any social media platform. You just need to report that and choose the option, if applicable, as to why you want to report the post or information. This can prevent the spread of fake news among users.

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