Is everything okay between Island Boys? as the rappers argue heatedly on a live broadcast

The famous Island Boys seem to have broken up when a heated feud between the brothers goes viral on TikTok. While the internet gave so many social media stars to everyone. We had too many of them to become popular, not for a very good reason. Like sometimes Island Boys also rose to fame with something similar, but now they don’t seem to be doing well together.

Read on to find out more about the fans who think the Island Boys have broken up.

A bit about the Island Boys

The Island Boys are popular as a hip hop duo that has twin rapper brothers. His name that became famous apart from being called Island Boys is Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. The rapper brothers rose to fame thanks to their TikTok videos. Together, they have more than 6 million followers on the app.

They got their name as Island Boys when their song I’m an Island Boy came out. However, despite all the fame they enjoy, they have also been in various controversies. As twin rapper brothers they have also previously feuded with Jake Paul and Logan Paul. In addition, he also had some problems with Bryce Hall.

Is everything okay between Island Boys?

When the Island Boys found their true fame on TikTok. It was recently when the twin rapper brothers were doing a live stream on the app. However, aside from having an interaction, Island Boys fans noticed something that made them think the brothers had broken up.

Well, during the live broadcast, the twin rappers started arguing with each other. Where Kodiyak said that “You want to be like me”. While Flyysoulja said that “I made Island Boys”. Not only that, this argument went on for a long time, causing everyone to be shocked.

Fans think the Island Boys broke up

Although previously it became known that apparently, Island Boys live separately. But the recent discussion during the live stream certainly went viral on TikTok. Post what fans are now thinking if Island Boys has broken up or not.

However, despite the argument, the twin rapper duo were seen together. Therefore, it is unclear for now whether the brothers have patched things up between them or not. Or, fans are curious if the duo will officially break up.

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