Is cloud gaming the future of gaming?

If you have any interest in gaming then you must have heard of these big company names or at least some of them are Sony, microsoft nintendo Google. Amazon. electronic arts. Nvidia. Nowadays everyone is focusing on one trend which is cloud gaming. So, let’s talk about this and see if it’s worth it. Is it the future of gaming or not?

What is cloud gaming?

These days, maybe you buy discs for your game console or buy games from online stores and download them to your gaming device. game stationXbox, desktop, Nintendo, etc. And run them from that physical device where the specification of that device is the limiting factor for the performance of the game you are playing.

But in cloud gaming, the device you’re playing from is miles away, located somewhere in a data center. And you connect to that device through an Internet connection. This happens just like you watch videos online. The difference is that the video depends on your interactions, just like you play from your local device. Every time you input something from your keyboard or controller, the input signal is transferred from you to the remote cloud device over the Internet. The cloud device then processes that signal and sends the output video as a result. Is that how it works.

Advantages of cloud gaming:

  1. Cloud Gaming – Some of the big companies that offer cloud gaming accept multiple devices that you can play from. Suppose you are playing quietly on your desktop and enjoying a coffee and suddenly your boss calls you and you have to go to work but you still don’t want to lose your progress. You can then use his smartphone and pick up where you left off on your way to his office.
  2. Most of these services offer all kinds of controllers, keyboards, and even touch inputs from their smartphones.
  3. When you play from your local device you have to use some sort of disc or you have to download the game and that’s not the end of it, you also have to download content updates when they come. And these are pretty slow and annoying too. But cloud gaming completely removes them, when you connect to these gaming service accounts, you will see that all games are fully up to date and you are ready to play your favorite game in seconds.
  4. This uses the hardware of the remote device to run your games, so it is independent of the hardware of your local device that you are playing from. Therefore, you will get almost the same experience playing from your TV or your smartphone.

cloud gaming

Cons of cloud gaming:

  1. The main problem with cloud gaming is the issue of latency. Since it uses the Internet to send its inputs to the server and the resulting video frames, it needs a good amount of bandwidth and also a stable Internet connection. Even a small fluctuation of your internet can disturb your gaming experience, the game you are playing starts to lag.
  2. Game ownership is another issue. These services offer some base games but if you want to play more you have to pay for them and sometimes they are not even for life. So this is a bummer.
  3. If you want to play some casual games and some single player games then you are fine. But cloud gaming isn’t for competitive gamers just because of latency and the frame rates you’ll get aren’t that high, usually 30 or 60fps.
  4. Video compression is another major problem. Like videos sent over the Internet, videos are generally compressed to use less bandwidth. So don’t expect the game to look as sharp as when you play it on your local machine.
  5. There is another factor which is the monthly subscription fees. These services are not cheap, they charge a good amount of money monthly or annually. Also, how can we forget the extra money it takes to expand your game library?

So is cloud gaming the future of gaming?

Well, the answer is maybe, because the technology is new and constantly evolving. Plus, major companies have spent on this, so there’s a chance cloud computing will enter the mainstream game.

But for now, its value differs from person to person. If you only play casual single player games and have a good internet connection then you can consider this option. But for those who play multiplayer games online and take gaming a bit seriously and don’t have a good internet connection either, cloud gaming can’t compete with traditional desktop or console gaming.

The best cloud games services:

Here are some of the best cloud gaming services that you can consider if you have been waiting for such services:

  • nvidia geforce now
  • microsoft xcloud
  • Google Stadia
  • playstation now
  • amazon moon
  • Shade
  • Vortex

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