Is Bill Gates vaccinated? since he tested positive for COVID-19

Bill Gates has some health related news to share. The Microsoft founder and the tech mogul have tested positive for COVID-19. On Tuesday afternoon, Bill Gates took to Twitter to share the news, saying, “Testing for COVID revealed I was positive. I am with moderate symptoms and I am isolating myself until I am well, as the professionals advised me.”

Is Bill Gates vaccinated?

Bill Gates reached an important juncture in his journey as a fervent advocate of science. Necessary to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft co-founder received his first dose of vaccination against the deadly virus. Bill Gates, who was masked and had his sleeve rolled up in a photo he posted on Twitter on Friday morning. He said that he received the injection this week and feels wonderful. Gates was eligible for the vaccine under Washington State’s Tier 1 Phase 1B vaccine distribution program at age 65.

“I am lucky to have been vaccinated and boosted, as well as access to testing and excellent medical care.” Bill Gates said in a series of posts. “For the first time in two years, the Bill Gates Foundation is meeting today. And I’m lucky to be on Teams to meet everyone and thank them for their hard work.” “We will continue to work with partners and do everything we can to ensure that none of us have to face a pandemic again.” Bill Gates added.

When did Bill Gates find out he was COVID-19 positive?

Gates is the most recent public figure to contract COVID-19. Kelly Ripa, talk show personality. On Monday she had contracted the virus. And that she was “expecting to return to normal life as soon as the usual quarantine period is over. On Monday, The Late Show announced that the upcoming show will be canceled due to host Stephen Colbert’s continued “symptoms consistent with the return of COVID.”

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