India’s Yash Raj Films launches the Saathi card for workers in the film industry. Who is eligible?

Yash Chopra’s son, Aditya Chopra has now started the Saathi Card for all older women in a family. This favor will provide health insurance (this aggregates all prevalent diseases), school scholarships, food ration supplies, and other benefits for day laborers and the families of industry workers.

Aditya Chopra is the chairman and CEO of one of the eminent Indian studios yash raj movies also known as YRF. He released this card under the patronage of the Yash Chopra Foundation, named after his father Yash Chopra. He is one of the leading filmmakers of all time in Bollywood cinema.

Yash Raj Films is an Indian film production company that works for Hindi and Punjabi films. YRF was formed in the year 1970. aditya chopra at the head of this company since the death of his father (2012).

Who is eligible for the Saathi card?

People who are registered with the Federation of Hindi Cinema in Mumbai and are 35 years of age or older and have at least one dependent under them are eligible. Once this card is present to the person, they can use it for health insurance up to 2 lakhs ($2,700). In addition to this free annual checkup and discount on medical bills and medical care. Cardholders obtain benefits for school fees, stationery and uniforms.

saathi card
India's Yash Raj Films launches the Saathi card for workers in the film industry. Who is eligible?

Yash Chopra Initiative:

“Yash Chopra Saathi Initiative” mentioning after the late Yash Chopra. The COVID-19 pandemic has created horrible shipwrecks in all types of work, mainly in the daily wage. To overcome this, this type of initiative is for the good of people who are day laborers from production and broken due to COVID. The company’s daily wage earners can get direct profit money transfers (Rs 5,000) to women and elders belonging to the Hindi film industry; There is also an allocation of food ration supplies for four members per family. The studio also transferred grants during the first wave of the Pandemic (2020). The team also launched a vaccination campaign for numerous Hindi Film workers; that helped restart film shooting in Mumbai.

Akshaye Widhani, a Senior Vice President of Yash Raj Films (YRF) points to deliberate and rational actions that are bigger than just giving and making a constant impact on the lives of their industrial workers.

He goes on to say that the Saathi Card is a kind of friendship that will act as a great support for the backbone of the industry (the workers). In the future, he promises to expand the scope for the community to increase the quality of each individual.

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