How to use the Stitch feature on TikTok: steps explored

With the growing number of TikTok users, we have users exploring more and more features of the app, such as the recent “stitch” feature. This TikTok feature is becoming immensely popular on the app. As more and more users try to know how this stitch function works. Well, in case you haven’t come across this feature yet. So this is how you can use this feature.

Read on to learn more about TikTok’s “stitch” feature that’s going viral on the internet.

TikTok’s “stitch” feature goes viral

We’ve had numerous filters, trends, and challenges on TikTok so far to try out. As more and more users connect with the app, we are rolling out new features for users. Well, among those popular ones we even have one as a stitch function.

With this feature, one can merge the TikTok videos of others along with their own. Which allows users to connect with other users. In fact, some of the users have found this feature interesting to reply to others by joining their videos.

How to use Tiktok’s stitch feature?

To use TikTok’s join feature, all you need to do is first choose the video you want to join. Then click on the “Share” option. From there, you need to choose “stitch”. Then you have to decide on any part of the video that is 5 seconds long. Then select “next”.

Post this, your recording page will open where you have to record your video. Which will be displayed with the stitched video. You can also add filters, stickers and effects to the video. Then lastly, you need to click “next” and add the hashtags you want to add. Your video with stitching is ready.

How to prevent others from stitching videos?

Even though users love this feature of joining videos of others in their videos. There are certain users who do not want other TikTok users stitching their videos. Therefore, such users can simply disable the stitch feature from their profile. Which will prevent others from using your videos to join them.

To disable this feature, all you have to do is turn off the “Allow Stitch” option in your TikTok account’s privacy settings. This will prevent others from stitching your videos. Also, this stitch feature may not be available for various TikTok users. As you will not get it for lesser users.

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