How to buy tickets for Laver Cup 2022 and price

The 2022 Laver Cup will kick off soon and fans interested in watching their matches are eager to get their passes. So here we have all the ticket updates for The Laver Cup 2022 and all their latest updates. As the fans are also curious whether Roger Federer will retire after this tournament or not.

Read on to find out more about The Laver Cup 2022 and all its latest updates.

Laver Cup 2022 dates announced

For all those who were looking forward to The Laver Cup 2022. The dates for this men’s tennis tournament have been announced. The tournament will start this month on September 23rd and will end on September 25th. The tennis tournament will take place at The O2 Arena, London.

Where Team Europe will be led by captain Bjorn Borg. While the other will be Team World led by Captain John McEnroe. Meanwhile, in the middle of this tournament, we learned that Roger Federer will retire after The Laver Cup 2022.

Roger Federer to retire after The Laver Cup 2022

One of the most incredible tennis players of all time that we all know has been Roger Federer. He has been an iconic holder of 20 Grand Slam titles. He though he has been active in the field of tennis for a long time. His next matches are highly anticipated by his fans at The Laver Cup 2022.

One more reason why fans are eager to watch his matches is that Federer will retire after Laver Cup 2022. He made the announcement through his tweet that he had a lyric in a video. Where he shared that looking at his capabilities and his limits post injuries and surgeries. He has to decide when he will end his career.

Laver Cup 2022
How to buy tickets for Laver Cup 2022 and price

Availability of tickets for The Laver Cup 2022

Although the tickets for several sessions and some of the tickets for a single session are already sold out. We have one option left for everyone to buy tickets for The Laver Cup 2022 through the official AXS resale. But yes, the tickets available through the official AXS resale would be limited in number.

Don’t miss out, resale tickets are the ones sold by fans who aren’t using them. So you can get a ticket if you get it through the official AXS reseller.

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