How to buy Taco Bell Mexican Pizza before everyone else?

Everyone’s much loved and favorite Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is back for everyone. While everyone has been literally crazy about this Taco Bell dish. It has been absent from the menu for a long time. Finally, however, the wait is over and you can now have the menu to give your beloved Mexican Pizza a place. But how can you get one for yourself?

Read on to find out more about Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza and its other details.

Taco Bell removed Mexican pizza from its menu

While the Mexican pizza was everyone’s favorite. We removed the dish from the Taco Bell menu in late 2020. However, the removal of the dish made the menu a little better in terms of variety and quick service.

However, it didn’t go well for many of them as they just wanted Mexican pizza back on the menu. While after its elimination it was a trend a lot on social networks. Therefore, a 200k signature petition was sent out to get the pizza back. Ultimately, we now have an answer on the same.

Taco Bell brings back Mexican Pizza on its menu

What makes Mexican pizza really popular is the two tortilla sheets with meat and pizza sauce spread on them. Along with beans, tomatoes, and the three cheese blends. As everyone finds the dish tasty. We have Taco Bell announcing on social media that Mexican Pizza is back on the menu for everyone.

While we wait for the menu to show the return of Mexican pizza starting May 19. You must be willing to know how and where you can have it. So, we are here to tell you how you can grab your slice of pizza soon.

How to eat Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza?

While we have this Mexican Pizza even loved by Doja Cat and Dolly Parton. We are here to tell you how you can have your slice of Mexican pizza to savor. In fact, for starters, if you have the Taco Bell app.

Affiliates will thus be able to obtain Pizza from May 17. Also, if you managed to get the Super Bowl LVI Mystery Reward. Then you may be lucky enough to win a Mexican pizza through her on May 19.

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