How is Susan, Lionel Blair’s wife, after Lionel’s death? what your children do

Lionel Blair, who was born in Canada and was a British artist, has died at the age of 92.

He was a multifaceted personality. In addition, he used to work as an actor, choreographer, tap dancer, and TV host. Furthermore, he has almost worked for eight decades in the film industry.

He passed away on Thursday morning, his agent confirmed. At the moment, no information is given about the cause of his death.

Also, as a tribute to his social media flood, let’s get to know Lionel a little better. Who is his wife? And he has children?

His fans paid tribute to him through Twitter. We need to know about him. Who is his family?

Who is Susan?

There is not much information about Susan, who is the wife of Lionel Blair. However, she was also an actress.

In a movie, he had played a role, which came out in 1968, called Salt and Pepper. But acting wasn’t her full-time job.

leonel blair
How is Susan, Lionel Blair's wife, after Lionel's death? what your children do

Also, on the red carpet, she often sees her Lionel. She was always a very supportive wife, she has supported her husband’s career.

How was your relationship?

In 1967, Lionel and Susan tie a tie.

In London, they were married at the Kensington Register Office and for 54 years they were happily married until his death.

Susan is 17 years younger than him.

Susan was only 21 years old and Lionel was 38 when they got married. Their marriage turned out to be very long and happy.

About your children

Susan and Lionel Blair have three children together, named Lucy, Matt, and Daniel. They have 3 grandchildren with Blair. At a party, she said: “We have a very, very normal family and for me, it all comes back to family. If they are sad, I am sad. I love them and see them happy all the time.

Lucy, like her father, tried her hand at acting, starring in movies like Just Visiting, which was released in 2001, Clock Tower 3, which was released in 2002, and Melissa, which was released in 1997.

leonel blair
How is Susan, Lionel Blair's wife, after Lionel's death? what your children do

Matt also reportedly works in television, but prefers to be behind the camera. He is known for his work on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side (2011) and The HR Department (2020).

Matt likes to work behind the scenes, it is said that he also works on television. Additionally, his credits include Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, released in 2011, and The HR Department, released in 2020.

No information is available for the third child of Lionel Blair and Susan.

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