Heels Returning For Season 2, Release Date Officially Confirmed

Heels, the pro wrestling drama series from Starz has an official release date and viewers are excited about it. The popular show made everyone give it a good response with the first season of it. However, since the series ended the initial season. Visto has been waiting to have another season on his watch. So when does Season 2 of Heels premiere?

Read on to know more about Heels Season 2 and all its latest updates.

A bit about the Starz Heels drama series

Although the name of the series Heels made everyone think that it was related to footwear or a parade related to fashion. It was something totally different. As the series introduced two brothers, Jack Spade and Ace Spade, to wrestle for their late father’s wrestling promotion.

The story was set in Georgia with the series premiere on the Starz network. It had quite a good response from the viewers. While they were looking forward to having another season to watch soon. The first season came last year. In the meantime, we now also have a date for the second season.

Heels season 2 release date

Finally, after the first season of Heels, we have come to know that the second season of the series has a release date. According to PWInsider, Season 2 of Heels will premiere on October 9 this year. Not to be missed, the second season was announced in November of last year.

Following that announcement, filming began for season 2 of Heels. Where Stephen Amell even shared the video of him this April showing him training at the wrestler level. While playing the role of Jack Spade on the Starz wrestling series.

More about Heels season 2

Heels season 2 finally has a release date for everyone. Although we don’t know exactly who will return as the cast for season 2. But we do know that Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Jack Spade. Meanwhile, Alexander Ludwig could also be back.

Also, for now we do not have any trailer for the second season of Heels. So, we can’t say anything about the plot of season 2 either. But hopefully, we’ll also be able to get a trailer soon to give an idea of ​​what the next season has in store for us.

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