HBO Max faces criticism for removing Sesame Street episodes

HBO Max is currently in hot water with social media users after they criticized the streaming platform for removing the classic Sesame Street episodes.

Here is everything you need to know.

Sesame Street episodes removed by HBO Max

Sesame Street is the latest show HBO Max is removing after its parent company, Warner Bros., announced its merger with Discovery.

The streaming platform is facing outrage online after fans noticed around 200 Sesame Street episodes were missing from the show’s library.

HBO Max originally included 650 episodes of the educational series for children. However, only 456 episodes of the show are available on the networking site as of Friday morning.

Additionally, they have added a selection from the first, fifth, and seventh seasons of the long-running show.

The platform has already removed more than 20 original titles from its platform, including teen show Generation and animated series Infinity Train.

HBO Max is removing titles from its library since it began its cost-cutting move.

The platform is doing this because it no longer wants to pay licensing fees for certain movies and shows.

Fans criticize HBO Max for removing Sesame Street episodes

Many Sesame Street fans have come forward to defend their favorite show. They took to multiple social media platforms to share their thoughts on HBO Max’s recent decision.

One fan wrote: “It’s a bit unnerving to consider what’s going on in a bloodbath in the context of Sesame Street, but that’s exactly what’s happening on the streaming platform right now.”

While another fan mentioned: ‘This was why we threw a tantrum when Sesame Street originally went to HBO. It is a program that should never have been controlled by corporations trying to attract shareholders. It was always a public good above all else.

Also, someone noted: ‘Eliminating Sesame Street is like banning books in Texas. Sesame Street teaches respect, tolerance, acceptance and that everyone is equal regardless of their religion, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. This says more about the politics at the helm of HBO Max than anything else.”

Meanwhile, few users tried to calm outraged Sesame Street fans.

One user suggested: ‘The episodes still exist, just not on HBO Max. Before broadcast, it was standard for on-demand channels, including HBO, to alternate available episodes for older series. There are over 4,600 Sesame Street episodes, and before today only 650 were on HBO Max. It’s 450 now.

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