Hasan Piker Banned: Twitch Streamer Banned For ‘Anti-White Racism’

Hasan Piker used the term “cracker” which got him banned from Twitch. Popular streamers faced such a tragedy on Monday. This is not the first time that Hasan Piker’s name has been highlighted by some controversy. He has previously been banned more than twice from the same streaming platform.

All these controversies and his suspension from the streaming platform have affected his content creation worse. Hasan Piker has uploaded a Twitter post saying: “Streams I won’t be able to do despite lining up fire content.”
-Stream building gingerbread houses with all these streamers tomorrow
[email protected] and @TSM_Myth play halo on Wednesday
[email protected] hot tub stream Thursday and more”

The Hasan Piker controversy explained

On Monday, December 13, 2021, Hasan Piker was broadcasting live where 40,000 people joined the live stream. After all that, he was suspended from the live streaming platform, Twitch. In that live broadcast, he used the term “cracker” for which Twitch banned him from the platform. He later complained about the problem by posting a tweet on the social media platform, Twitter.

In his Twitter post, he wrote: “Absolutely crazy that Twitch banned two of my mods for using the word cracker.” He added to a statement: “One of us is black and the other is brown. Does Twitch really think the cracker is an insult?

As a result of this tweet published by Hasan Piker on his Twitter account, a virtual debate began on social networks. People started arguing about whether the word tracker is a racial slur or not.

On the Internet, you can find many theories for the word Cracker. If you look up the meaning of cracker on Wikipedia, then it says “it refers to white people who ‘cracked’ whips to punish slaves.”

Twitch Guidelines

According to sources, Twitch has yet to reveal the official reason why they banned Hasan Piker from the live video streaming platform. Per Twitch’s harassment rules, it does not promote “hateful conduct” on its platform.

The official Twitch Community Guidelines say: “Harassment becomes hateful conduct when the behavior is directed at a person or persons on the basis of a protected characteristic or characteristics.”

It says more: “Because Twitch does not tolerate any abuse motivated by hate, prejudice or bigotry, the penalty for such behavior is more severe.”

Hasan gives an update

After being banned from Twitch, Hasan Piker clarified that he will continue his streaming work on YouTube during his suspension period. Official information on how long he will be banned from Twitch is not revealed.

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