Grammy winner Adele to release upcoming song ‘Easy On Me’ on Tuesday

The suspense of Adele’s latest song comes to an end. As the 15-time Grammy winner she revealed her new song in 2016. Adele confirmed on Twitter Tuesday morning that she announced her new single. “Easy on Me” will be released on October 15. In a short black-and-white film, the artist places a cassette recorder in a car stereo. She turns up the music and walks away as sheets of music notation fly out the windows. A soft piano melody plays throughout the video, evoking Adele’s previous hits. But fans will just have to wait again until the song is released to enjoy the musician’s iconic voice.

To launch the new single, Adele’s Facebook and Twitter all accounts updated with identical photos.

The musician surprisingly went viral on social media on Monday. While Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were almost at the same time. The Twitter user of Twitter poked fun at the situation by tweeting “Hello literally everyone.” To which Adele replied: “Hi, girls!”. The musician’s tweet immediately drew a lot of attention, with more than 215,000 likes. Some people think it’s a great social media marketing strategy.

Fan reaction to Adele’s new album and song ‘Easy on Me’

The positive excitement on social media speaks highly of Adele’s upcoming album. Which hasn’t been formally released yet, but will certainly rock the world when it is. Fans predict that Adele’s next album will be called “30”. Following in the footsteps of her previous releases, all named after the age she started working on them. Billboards bearing the number 30 have already started popping up around the world, fueling speculation about the upcoming title.

In fact, the album will be their first in six years. Following the release of “25” in 2015, which sold 11 million sales in the United States. Adele’s last two albums, “25” and “21,” received Grammy Awards for album of the year. He has a total of 15 Grammy nominations. It dates back to 2009 where she won the award for best female artist.

Adele "Easy with me"
Grammy winner Adele to release upcoming song 'Easy On Me' on Tuesday

Adele actually revealed on Tuesday that she is releasing new music after months of silence.

The multi-Grammy artist, 33, revealed the title of her debut single in six years in a tweet. On Twitter, she began writing, “Easy On Me – October 15.”

Adele hinted at a new album when she hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live” around this time last year. She explained why she is not the guest host at her speech.

Adele commented, “There’s a combination of things.” “My registration is not ready yet and I am afraid to do everything. I’d rather wear certain wigs, all mine. And drink a couple of glasses of wine, or six, and then see what happens.”

In recent years, the “Rolling in the Deep” singer has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. Consequently, he concentrated on leading a better lifestyle and successfully lost some weight.

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