Gabby Petito case: Callahan speaks about the mistakes made in the case

Callahan Walsh, son of John Walsh, believes that 22-year-old Gabby Petito had been in an abusive relationship with Brian Laundrie, her fiancé. Brian Laundrie has been missing since September 14.

Emergency calls:

Callahan Walsh co-hosts “In Pursuit with John Walsh” and a children’s advocate at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), suspects that the police should have handled the case by responding to two emergency calls from Gabby and Brian’s conflict.

When police noted that they don’t have any information about the alarming call about Brian assaulting Gabby, Walsh said, “Mistakes were made.” He asks, where were the mistakes made on purpose? Do not! He adds that law enforcement is working, especially in the field to obtain information. But when the police show up, it becomes a scary situation, people get nervous, he says.

Gaby Callahan
Callahan, the son of John Walsh

Walsh explaining about the feud between Gabby and Brian:

Walsh mentions, it is clear that there is a violent and stormy relationship between Gabby and Brian. As there were multiple and different witnesses from all over the place to tell of the abuse that was going on between the two, but the lines get blurred sometimes when it comes to who the attacker is, he explains.

Also, he says, Gabby’s friends have come forward to give details about Brian’s jealousy. He steals Gabby’s ID and is very aggressive, so she couldn’t go out with her friends. Walsh says, Brian is the type of person who has a history of domestic abuse, and his relationship was unstable and created this unfortunate event. He said this is a form of story alert for anyone in a relationship like that.

Walsh reprimanding Brian:

Gabby’s body was found in a camping area around Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, on September 19. Also, the autopsy report says the manner of death is Homicide. Walsh also berates Brian to take responsibility for Gabby’s death.

Brian’s guilt came when he fell silent and ran off, Walsh notes. In addition, his parents are not so willing to reveal the application of the law. Therefore, he is mistreating his parents too! Now, everyone in this country can say, Brian is responsible for this, no question.

Gaby Callahan
Gabby Petito case: Callahan speaks about the mistakes made in the case

After Brian shows up at her house without Gabby; Why didn’t they bombard him with questions, why aren’t they repeating this kind of information in law enforcement as well? He was stunned. These are the things that both the police and Gabby’s family are afraid to know. Finally, Brian’s parents said, on Sept. 14 he heads to Carlton Reserve in Sarasota, Fla., “with a backpack.”

Walsh reprimanding Brian’s parents:

He wants to say: What Brian’s parents are doing on the case isn’t quite right. They must obey law enforcement and trust everything they know.

Since Brian is only being considered as a “person of interest”, his parents were helping him prove that he is not a fugitive. This is unfair, says Walsh.

Also, his parents fully supported him when he was home, they did it because they didn’t want to show him as a runaway. They’re aiding and abetting him from when he’s home until he’s gone away to Carlton Reserve in Sarasota, he says without a doubt that he’s the suspect.

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