Friends of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne arrested after alleged altercation with paparazzi

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne almost got caught up in a real fight with the paparazzi in Argentina. The pair figured out how to escape, and their friends took charge of the situation. TMZ revealed that the duo were finishing up a fancy meal at Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires at 3am, at which point the paparazzi wanted to take a photo of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne. As the two got into an Uber, the paparazzi stepped forward to snap a photo of the divas. This left the driver unsettled, forcing him to run away, with the model fully inside the vehicle and Suicide Squad cheerleader Margot Robbie half inside the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Robbie’s colleague and filmmaker Josey McNamara and Jac Hopkins went out of their way to help Margot Robbie, who was eventually forced to jump out of the vehicle because she couldn’t get into the Uber. Behind the scenes, Pedro Alberto Orquera, the paparazzi individual behind the incident, had his own accident. TMZ claimed that he had a broken arm and a bloody scalp. Infobae assured that Pedro Alberto Orquera was beaten by companions of Margot Robbie. Since then, Josey McNamara and Jac Hopkins have been arrested, and Pedro Alberto Orquera plans to file a lawsuit against them. Sources say that Josey McNamara and Jac Hopkins appeared in front of the magistrates on Sunday afternoon.

Is Margot Robbie married?

Yes, the cheerleader from I, Tonya is married to Tom Ackerley, who was absent from the scene. However, it seems that fans have expressed a clear fascination with Margot Robbie’s private life based on patterns seen on the web. The 32-year-old entertainer had an intimate wedding with Tom Ackerley, a filmmaker, in 2016. The couple first met in 2013, when Tom Ackerley was an assistant director on Margot Robbie’s film Suite Française. Before working in the background, Tom Ackerley appeared as an extra in three Harry Potter films. Following his brief stint in front of the camera, the British producer proceeded to graduate from Godalming College. According to the British Film Institute, he eventually worked as a floor runner and production assistant before working as an assistant director.

When Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley started dating in 2013, the couple struggled to build a business together. They were also joined by Josey McNamara and Robbie’s dear friend Kerr for the same. In 2014, the group launched LuckyChap Entertainment. Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley have no children. However, in a 2018 interview with Porter, Barbie cheerleader Margot Robbie shared that she would love to “see a big Christmas dinner with a lot of kids there.”

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Friends of Margot and Cara Delevingne arrested after protecting the stars from Argentine paparazzi

Margot Robbie and her supermodel friend Cara Delevingne were at the center of an alleged fight in which two British filmmakers were arrested at a celebrity cafe in Argentina at the end of the week. The Hollywood stars had recently completed a dinner at the famous Patagonia Sur hotspot in Buenos Aires at 3 am, a close hour on Sunday when a paparazzi tried to take a photo of them, reports The Sun. British filmmaker Josey McNamara, business partner of Australian artist and key British actor Jac Hopkins, got into a fight with local photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera, who claims he ended up on the ground bleeding with a broken arm. The two producers were arrested and transferred to a police headquarters while Robbie and Delevingne are perceived to have fled the area. Alberto Orquera has now said that he is filing a lawsuit against the two British filmmakers.

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Robbie, 32, and Delevingne, 30, were eating at celebrity Argentine chef Francis Mallmann’s cafe early Sunday morning when the alleged episode occurred. The couple were in the South American country with the producers, who have long worked with the Wolf of Wall Street star, having previously gone to the Paris Style Week festivities. They had been partying at the select celebrity hangout in the La Boca region when photographer Alberto Orquera claims the men beat him up. It was a brutal attack. Truly a coward, Alberto Orquera told The Sun. They tried to take away my camera to erase the photos he had taken. I started to get away from them as they were hitting me. As I was running away from them, they kicked me hard, so my camera was thrown into the air and I fell to the ground and hurt my arm. I was losing a lot of blood. He was losing a lot of blood, and before long the police showed up.

Robbie and Delevingne were getting into their waiting car when the episode occurred, and witnesses say Robbie nearly fell out of the vehicle as the driver sped away. Spectators called 911 after watching the fight, and Alberto Orquera was taken to the hospital where he was awaiting surgery for serious injuries. A police report shows that McNamara and Hopkins told police that the photographer was responsible for his own injuries as the stars had not consented to the photos being taken. McNamara and Hopkins appeared before magistrates on Sunday afternoon, according to The Sun, and it is believed that Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne flew alone to the south of the country shortly after.

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