Friends Fan Week 2022: dates, events and everything you need to know

Want to have the feel of the sitcom Friends in reality, then here is a festival themed on the same sitcom as Friends Fan Week 2022 coming up for all of you. There is hardly anyone who has not seen the popular sitcom Friends. Well, back after all these years, Warner Bros. is partying on the same sitcom. Well, it sounds exciting. So don’t miss the updates right here.

Read on to know more about it and all its details.

Friends Fan Week 2022 Dates Announced

The popular sitcom Friends has had a huge audience around the world. Well, to revive the very essence of the sitcom. We have a festival themed around that. What is Fan Week 2022. In case you don’t know it yet. So it has already started since July 25.

While Fan Week 2022 will soon wrap up on July 30. So don’t miss it and enjoy the remaining days of Fan Week. So, check back for updates on what’s going to be exciting with this Friends Fan Week 2022.

What will be special about Friends Fan Week 2022?

The idea behind the sitcom fan week celebration is because Friendship Day is getting closer and closer. With that, you would have a celebration in New York, Denver, Toronto. Exactly in the manner of sitcom characters.

Again you will be able to see the celebration on social networks. Where there would be sweepstakes, contests and trivia nights to participate. Other than that, there would be a product launch, with clothing and accessories on the theme of the Warner Bros. sitcom.

What else can fans expect from Friends Fan Week 2022?

One of the most exciting parts of this Friends Fan Week 2022 is its 12 rooms that take you back to the sitcom era in three locations: New York, Denver and Toronto. Where the places would be the same as in the sitcom. With everything inside it looked like a room from a sitcom.

Don’t miss out, you’ll also be able to watch episodes of the sitcom. While there is supposed to be a lot of merchandise this Friendship Week. Meanwhile, The Friends Experience Instagram giveaway event is underway. Along with trivia nights, that’s on Nick @Nite too.

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