Freddie Gibbs was involved in a fight with a group of men in Buffalo before his performance

A video has surfaced online showing rapper Freddie Gibbs getting into an alleged fight with a group of boys just before his weekend performance in Buffalo, New York.

On Monday, May 16, TMZ released footage of Gibbs’ attack. The incidents allegedly occurred after rumors spread online about the Indiana native artist meeting with some heavy smoke.

The alleged altercation occurred before Gibbs took the stage for his Space Rabbit Tour in collaboration with Zack Fox, MIKE and redveil.

Freddie Gibbs was involved in a fight in Buffalo, New York prior to his performance.

Freddie Gibbs ran into trouble on Saturday, May 14, at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que located in Buffalo, where he was in town for a scheduled performance.

Most of the rap community speculates that the confrontation could have been caused by Benny The Butcher.

The feud between Gibbs and The Butcher has been going on for months. However, it is yet to be confirmed if The Butcher and his associates are in any way connected to the attack on Gibbs.

The messy clip showed a crowd of angry people attacking Gibbs outside restaurants. The Big Boss Rabbit singer rocked a green shirt with a pair of light-colored pants.

As the men jump Gibbs, the bystander recording the attack can be heard saying, “Welcome to Buffalo.”

Before images of the attack came to light, a series of images of Gibbs began to flood social media platforms.

Viral photos show him wearing a ski mask, possibly to cover his swollen eye, during his performance in Buffalo.

Was Freddie Gibbs’ chain snatched during the altercation?

After the video, rumors began to spread that Freddie Gibbs had his chain snatched during the fight.

Anyway, the rumors were indirectly denied by the rapper. A screenshot of a text message likely to have been composed by Gibbs shows him denying the speculation.

The feud between Gibbs and Benny The Butcher caught fire when the two former collaborators began a constant back-and-forth online.

His support in the fight began when Benny suggested that the working relationship between him and Gibbs went back and forth during a Spotify interview.

Gibbs began criticizing Benny online in early March of this year. She further mocked Benny after he was hit in the leg during an attempted robbery in November 2020.

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