Fortnite x Breaking Bad Coming Soon: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite is rumored to have a collaboration with Breaking Bad and that’s getting everyone excited. Well, the popular Fortnite gaming franchise since its initial arrival in 2017 has been doing a lot of collaborations and crossovers. We recently heard that Breaking Bad could be in Fortnite. But is that somehow true to happen? This is what we know.

Read on to find out more about Breaking Bad in Fortnite and all its updates.

Fortnite Collaborations and Crossovers So Far

Without a doubt, Fortnite over time has become popular among gamers all over the world. Because of this, the franchise even got some really iconic collaborations and crossovers. Whether it’s the superhero Batman or Nathan Drake from Uncharted, they’ve all appeared in the game franchise.

Well now we have another rumor about a collaboration and that is getting everyone’s attention. Although, now collaborations and crossovers are not new to Fortnite. However, we do have gamers curious to know about the game’s upcoming collaboration or crossover. So what is the rumored new collaboration all about?

Is Breaking Bad coming to Fortnite?

As gamers plan and look forward to Halloween this month. They are excited to find out if Breaking Bad can be in Fortnite or not. We had this rumor of having Breaking Bad in Fortnite back in August when the collaboration poll had one of their choices as Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad.

But certainly, so far there is no official announcement of a collaboration between Fortnite and Breaking Bad. However, fans believe that any kind of collaboration is possible with Fortnite and therefore we might as well have Breaking Bad in Fortnite. However, for now, that is just a wish from everyone.

Gamers excited to have Breaking Bad in Fortnite

As viewers love Breaking Bad and its characters. On the other hand, gamers give their immense love to Fortnite. We have fans really excited to even speculate about the duo collaborating. In the meantime, for now, we wait for an official announcement to come true.

Additionally, we have players waiting to see what Halloween will bring to Fortnite. As festivals and occasions bring something exciting to the games for the players. So, let’s wait and see what happens with the long-rumored collaboration between Breaking Bad and Fortnite while Halloween is just around the corner.

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