Fans suspect a YG Entertainment staff member is behind V and Jennie’s photo leak

Gurumi Haribo has become a hot topic on social media. It started when pictures of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie began to leak.

Here is everything you need to know.

Gurumi Haribo Shares Unreleased Stills Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

On September 28, Gurumi Haribo took to her Telegram account to share a series of unreleased images of Jisoo. He reportedly clicked while attending the Dior Spring 2023 show in Paris.

In the caption, they asked the BLACKPINK member to repost the same images as this would suggest that V and Jennie’s dating rumors are true. Furthermore, they also claimed that Jisoo knew about the proceedings.

Regardless, a couple of hours later, the Snowdrop actress posted the same photos to her Instagram account. However, this led fans to believe that the hacker is an employee of YG Entertainment.

Also, it is important to note that K-Pop idols are not the only users of their Instagram accounts despite having separate handles. People in marketing or social media departments often use these identifiers as well.

Therefore, this raised suspicions among netizens that Gurumi Haribo might have access to Jisoo’s Instagram account and other personal data.

Is Jisoo the mastermind behind V and Jennie’s dating rumors?

Jisoo is being labeled as the mastermind behind V and Jennie’s alleged dating scandal after Gurumi Haribo made a certain request in one of her social media posts.

They wrote, ‘I have been told that Jisoo is someone who knows the truth and is an honest and kind person. So please Jisoo, if you get this message, post this unseen picture as a sign that you know Jennie and Taehyung (V) are hanging out and you (among others) can’t talk about this.”

Thus, Jisoo is facing tons of criticism from troublesome lonely fans blaming her for the V and Jennie dating leak.

Fans react to Jisoo being V and Jennie’s alleged dating hacker

Many solo fans took to Twitter to criticize Jisoo after she allegedly confirmed V and Jennie’s dating rumors in one of her social media posts.

One user said: “He literally posted it on his Instagram 30 minutes ago.” Is that the sign of gurumi? She must know about the escape that is so complicated.

Meanwhile, a fan stood up to defend the Pink Venom singer.

They mentioned, ‘I mean, who seriously believes that Jisoo is in the tg group like gurumiharibo said? as if someone from the YG team who is with him might have taken the photo and kept a copy for himself and leaked it to GH’.

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