Fans share hilarious memes after Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” reveals his face

Dream finally showed her face to her millions of social media followers over the weekend of Sunday, October 2.

Here is everything you need to know.

Dream reveals her face to other content creators

YouTuber Dream, who is wildly famous for his Minecraft content, recently revealed his face after reaching over 30 million subscribers on the social media platform.

Furthermore, he has spent his career shrouded in secrecy while hiding his identity behind a simple smiling mask that covered his face.

The moment was supposedly probably one of the biggest moments in history for the Minecraft and YouTube community.

However, before he officially revealed his face to fans, Dream reportedly first revealed his true identity to only his closest friends.

For example, Karl Jacobs commented on

Dream’s Twitter video saying, ‘Oh shoot, what the hell? You look like a baseball player to me. I don’t know how I expected you to see yourself. You are really handsome. You’re not supposed to be attractive, Dream; people are going to be pissed off.

Meanwhile, Christina ‘TinaKitten’ Kenyon shared her reaction to discovering Dream’s true face on Twitter.

She wrote: ‘OMG look at you. Wait, the jaw. Wait, I’m proud of you. Your teeth are so white. My God, your eyeballs, they’re real. You are a real person. It was nice meeting you. Again. It is you in the flesh. Wait, this is so surreal.

Fans react to Dream’s face reveal

Many of Dream’s fans took to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to celebrate the reveal of the most anticipated face of the content creator.

However, as opposed to praising him for his looks, fans created hilarious memes about the reveal of his face.

One fan wrote, “People really stayed up for days to reveal the face of dreams.”

Also, a second said: ‘Me knowing that the dream face was revealed on purpose to break Twitter and see how it plays out.’

A third fan mentioned, ‘the dream face reveal just made my friend and her boyfriend break up.’

Regardless, many comparison fans couldn’t help but compare Dream’s face to Shrek’s infamous antagonist Rumpelstiltskin or Mr. Rumple.

One user noted: “Scream to dream, I don’t know anyone else who manages to look like Mat Pat, Shane Dawson, Rumplestiltskin and Edward Cullen all at the same time.”

Another chimed in saying, “Dream about looking low-key like Rumplestiltskin from Shrek.”

Someone else stated, “The more I look at it, the more the dream looks like Rumplestiltskin.”

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